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1    base, constitute, create, decree, enact, ensconce, entrench, fix, form, found, ground, implant, inaugurate, install, institute, organize, plant, put down roots, root, secure, settle, set up, sow the seeds, start  
2    authenticate, certify, confirm, corroborate, demonstrate, prove, ratify, show, substantiate, validate, verify  
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  ( establishes    3rd person present)   ( establishing    present participle)   ( established    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If someone establishes something such as an organization, a type of activity, or a set of rules, they create it or introduce it in such a way that it is likely to last for a long time.   (=set up, found)  
The UN has established detailed criteria for who should be allowed to vote...      V n  
The School was established in 1989 by an Italian professor.      V n  
2       v-recip   If you establish contact with someone, you start to have contact with them. You can also say that two people, groups, or countries establish contact.  
FORMAL   We had already established contact with the museum...      V n with n  
Singapore and South Africa have established diplomatic relations.      pl-n V  
3       verb   If you establishthat something is true, you discover facts that show that it is definitely true.  

Medical tests established that she was not their own child...      V that  
It will be essential to establish how the money is being spent...      V wh  
An autopsy was being done to establish the cause of death...      V n  
It was established that the missile had landed on a test range in Australia.      it be V-ed that  
  established      adj   usu ADJ n  
That link is an established medical fact.     
4       verb   If you establishyourself, your reputation, or a good quality that you have, you succeed in doing something, and achieve respect or a secure position as a result of this.  
This is going to be the show where up-and-coming comedians will establish themselves...      V pron-refl  
He has established himself as a pivotal figure in US politics...      V pron-refl as n  
We shall fight to establish our innocence.      V n, Also V n as n  

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