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      vb   appoint, choose, decide upon, designate, determine, opt for, pick, pick out, prefer, select, settle on, vote  
      adj   choice, chosen, elite, hand-picked, picked, preferred, select, selected  
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  ( elects    3rd person present)   ( electing    present participle)   ( elected    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   When people elect someone, they choose that person to represent them, by voting for them.  
The people of the Philippines have voted to elect a new president...      V n  
Manchester College elected him Principal in 1956...      V n n  
The country is about to take a radical departure by electing a woman as its new president.      V n as n  
  elected      adj   ADJ n  
...the country's democratically elected president.     
2       verb   If you electto do something, you choose to do it.  
FORMAL   Those electing to smoke will be seated at the rear.      V to-inf  
3       adj   Elect is added after words such as `president' or `governor' to indicate that a person has been elected to the post but has not officially started to carry out the duties involved.  
...the date when the president-elect takes office.     

The president-elect is the person who has been elected as the president of an organization or country, but who has not yet taken office.      n-sing  
...one of the president-elect's best proposals during the campaign.     
re-elect        ( re-elects    3rd person present)   ( re-electing    present participle)   ( re-elected    past tense & past participle  )
in AM, also use reelect      When someone such as a politician or an official who has been elected is re-elected, they win another election and are therefore able to continue in their position as, for example, president, or an official in an organization.      verb  
The president will pursue lower taxes if he is re-elected...      be V-ed  
...Ramon Mendoza was re-elected president of Real for a third successive four-year term...      be V-ed n  
He was overwhelmingly re-elected as party leader.      be V-ed as n  
  re-election      n-uncount  
I would like to see him stand for re-election...     

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