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break apart, break up, crumble, disunite, fall apart, fall to pieces, go to pieces, go to seed, reduce to fragments, separate, shatter, splinter  
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  ( disintegrates    3rd person present)   ( disintegrating    present participle)   ( disintegrated    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If something disintegrates, it becomes seriously weakened, and is divided or destroyed.  
During October 1918 the Austro-Hungarian Empire began to disintegrate.      V  
  disintegration      n-uncount   oft N of n  
...the violent disintegration of Yugoslavia.     
2       verb   If an object or substance disintegrates, it breaks into many small pieces or parts and is destroyed.  
At 420mph the windscreen disintegrated.      V  
  disintegration      n-uncount  
...the catastrophic disintegration of the aircraft after the explosion.     

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