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1    abase, blacken, corrupt, debase, debauch, defame, degrade, discredit, disgrace, shame, sully  
2    defile, deflower, pollute, rape, ravish, seduce  
3    abasement, degradation, discredit, disfavour, disgrace, disrepute, ignominy, infamy, obloquy, odium, opprobrium, reproach, scandal, shame  
4    abuse, affront, discourtesy, indignity, insult, offence, outrage, sacrilege, slight  
,       vb   esteem, exalt, respect, revere, worship  
      n   decency, goodness, honour, integrity, morality, principles, rectitude  
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  ( dishonours    3rd person present)   ( dishonouring    present participle)   ( dishonoured    past tense & past participle  )
in AM, use dishonor     
1       verb   If you dishonour someone, you behave in a way that damages their good reputation.  
FORMAL   It would dishonour my family if I didn't wear the veil.      V n  
2       n-uncount   Dishonour is a state in which people disapprove of you and lose their respect for you.  

...a choice between death and dishonour...     
3       verb   If someone dishonours an agreement, they refuse to act according to its conditions.  
We found that the bank had dishonoured some of our cheques.      V n  

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