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1    arduous, burdensome, demanding, formidable, hard, laborious, like getting blood out of a stone, no picnic     (informal)   onerous, painful, strenuous, toilsome, uphill, wearisome  
2    abstract, abstruse, baffling, complex, complicated, delicate, enigmatical, intricate, involved, knotty, obscure, perplexing, problematical, thorny, ticklish  
3    demanding, fastidious, fractious, fussy, hard to please, intractable, obstreperous, perverse, refractory, rigid, tiresome, troublesome, trying, unaccommodating, unamenable, unmanageable  
4    dark, full of hardship, grim, hard, straitened, tough, trying  
1 & 2    easy, easy-peasy     (slang)   light, manageable, obvious, plain, simple, straightforward, uncomplicated  
3    accommodating, amenable, co-operative, pleasant  
4    easy, pleasant  
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1       adj   Something that is difficult is not easy to do, understand, or deal with.  
oft it v-link ADJ to-inf, it v-link ADJ -ing   (=hard)     (Antonym: easy)    The lack of childcare provisions made it difficult for single mothers to get jobs..., It was a very difficult decision to make..., We're living in difficult times...     
2       adj   Someone who is difficult behaves in an unreasonable and unhelpful way.   (=awkward)  
I had a feeling you were going to be difficult about this.     

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! what is difficult when one rides a tiger is to come down n.
ce qui est difficile quand on chevauche un tigre, c'est d'en descendre

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Thesaurus
Il est facile d'apprendre mille disciplines, mais il est difficile d'en connaître une à fond
culture générale
il est bien difficile, en géographie comme en morale, de connaître le monde sans sortir de chez soi
culture générale
a difficult time
deliberately make things difficult for someone; sabotage
do something which puts you in a very difficult situation and limits the way that you can act
remnants of disputes that make a relationship between people or companies difficult to maintain, even without an open dispute
annoying, arduous, bothersome, burdensome, demanding, difficult, harassing, hard, importunate, inconvenient, irksome, irritating, laborious, oppressive, pestilential, plaguy
with a complex structure; difficult to approach; multiple problems generator
expression used to describe an attempt to organize a difficult or unpredictable situation; trying to coordinate a group of people who tend to act chaotically
[Bus.] E.g: Some say that managing a team is herding cats.
expression used for letting someone know that he/she should prepare for a difficult or unpleasant upcoming event
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