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be in the running, challenge, contend, contest, emulate, fight, pit oneself against, rival, strive, struggle, vie  
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  ( competes    3rd person present)   ( competing    present participle)   ( competed    past tense & past participle  )
1       v-recip   When one firm or country competeswith another, it tries to get people to buy its own goods in preference to those of the other firm or country. You can also say that two firms or countries compete.  
The banks have long competed with American Express's charge cards and various store cards...      V with n  
The stores will inevitably end up competing with each other in their push for increased market shares...      pl-n V with pron-recip  
Banks and building societies are competing fiercely for business...      pl-n V for n  
The American economy, and its ability to compete abroad, was slowing down according to the report.      V (non-recip), Also pl-n V  
2       v-recip   If you competewith someone for something, you try to get it for yourself and stop the other person getting it. You can also say that two people competefor something.  
Kangaroos compete with sheep and cattle for sparse supplies of food and water...      V with n for n  
Schools should not compete with each other or attempt to poach pupils...      pl-n V with pron-recip  
More than 2300 candidates from 93 political parties are competing for 486 seats.      pl-n V for n  
3       verb   If you compete in a contest or a game, you take part in it.  
He will be competing in the London-Calais-London race...      V prep  
It is essential for all players who wish to compete that they earn computer ranking points.      V  

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