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amends, atonement, damages, indemnification, indemnity, meed     (archaic)   offset, payment, recompense, reimbursement, remuneration, reparation, requital, restitution, reward, satisfaction  
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  ( compensations    plural  )
1       n-uncount   Compensation is money that someone who has experienced loss or suffering claims from the person or organization responsible, or from the state.  
He received one year's salary as compensation for loss of office..., The Court ordered Dr Williams to pay £300 compensation and £100 costs after admitting assault.     
2       n-var   If something is some compensationfor something bad that has happened, it makes you feel better.  
oft N for n/-ing  
Helen gained some compensation for her earlier defeat by winning the final open class..., Despite a reduction in earnings there are compensations in moving to the north-east where the quality of life is excellent...     

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! Compensation n.
money that is paid because someone suffered from a loss of what they own (such as injury)
When you are responsible for someone's serious injury, I think you should pay compensation to that person.

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money paid to someone because they have suffered injury or loss, or because what they own has been damaged
[US] She received a compensation from the government for the damage caused to her property.


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