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      adj   actual, carnal, corporal, corporeal, fleshly, material, physical, substantial, tangible  
      adv   altogether, as a body, as a group, collectively, completely, en masse, entirely, fully, totally, wholly  
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1       adj   Your bodily needs and functions are the needs and functions of your body.  
ADJ n  
There's more to eating than just bodily needs.     
    grievous bodily harm  
2       adv   You use bodily to indicate that an action involves the whole of someone's body.  
ADV with v  
I was hurled bodily to the deck.     

actual bodily harm     
Actual bodily harm is a criminal offence in which someone gives another person a minor injury.      n-uncount  
bodily function        ( bodily functions    plural  ) A person's bodily functions are the normal physical processes that regularly occur in their body, particularly the ability to urinate and defecate.      n-count  
The child was not able to speak, walk properly or control bodily functions.     
grievous bodily harm     
If someone is accused of grievous bodily harm, they are accused of causing very serious physical injury to someone. The abbreviation GBH is often used.     (LEGAL)      n-uncount  
They were both found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm.     

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