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abetment, accompaniment, advocacy, aid, assistance, championing, encouragement, endorsement, espousal, funds, grant, moral support, patronage, promotion, sanction, seconding, sponsorship, subsidy, support  
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  ( backings    plural  )
1       n-uncount   If someone has the backingof an organization or an important person, they receive support or money from that organization or person in order to do something.  
usu N of/for n   (=support)  
He said the president had the full backing of his government to negotiate a deal..., Mr Bach set up his own consulting business with the backing of his old boss.     
2       n-var   A backing is a layer of something such as cloth that is put onto the back of something in order to strengthen or protect it.  
3       n-count   The backing of a popular song is the music which is sung or played to accompany the main tune.  
oft N n  
Sharon also sang backing vocals for Barry Manilow...     

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