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he was writing as long ago as 1945 exp.
en 1945 ya escribía

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Collaborative Dictionary     English-Spanish
ya en 1978
ya en 1930
lo despidieron
tenía un hambre canina
le prohibieron ejercer la abogacía
le dolían las posaderas de tanto montar
era todo {or} puros ojos
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a       n  
1    (=handwriting)   letra    f     
I can't read your writing      no entiendo tu letra  
2    (=system)   escritura    f     
before the invention of writing      antes de la invención de la escritura  
3    (=letters, words)  
there was some writing on the page      había algo escrito en la página  
I could see the writing but couldn't read it      podía ver que había algo escrito pero no podía leerlo  
in writing      por escrito  
I'd like to have that in writing      me gustaría tenerlo por escrito  
to put sth in writing      poner algo por escrito  
IDIOMS to see the writing on the wall      vérsela venir *     
he had seen the writing on the wall      vio lo que se le venía encima *     
the writing is on the wall for the president/the company      el presidente/la compañia tiene los días contados  
4    (=written work)  
the essay contains some imaginative writing      el ensayo tiene secciones redactadas con imaginación  
Aubrey's biographical writings      las obras biográficas de Aubrey  
it's a brilliant piece of writing      está maravillosamente escrito  
5    (=activity)   escritura    f     
writing is his hobby      su hobby es la escritura, su hobby es escribir  
he earns quite a lot from writing      gana bastante escribiendo  
a course in novel writing      un curso sobre redacción de novelas  
b       cpd  
  writing case      n   estuche    m   para material de correspondencia  
  writing desk      n   escritorio    m     
  writing materials      npl   artículos    mpl   de escritorio  
  writing pad      n   bloc    m     
  writing paper      n   papel    m   de escribir  
  writing table      n   escritorio    m     

Essay writing       Redacción  
El argumento en líneas generales     
Para introducir un tema  
De manera impersonal  
*    It is often said o claimed that teenagers get pregnant in order to get council accommodation      se suele afirmar que  
*    It is a cliché o a commonplace (to say) that American accents are infinitely more glamorous than their British counterparts      es un tópico (decir) que  
*    It is undeniably true that Gormley helped to turn his union members into far more sophisticated workers      es innegable que  
*    It is a well-known fact that in this age of technology, it is computer screens which are responsible for many illnesses      es un hecho de sobra conocido que  
*    It is sometimes forgotten that much Christian doctrine comes from Judaism      a veces se olvida que  
*    It would be naïve to suppose that in a radically changing world these 50-year-old arrangements can survive      sería ingenuo suponer que  
*    It would hardly be an exaggeration to say that the friendship of both of them with Britten was among the most creative in the composer's life      se puede decir sin temor a exagerar que  
*    It is hard to open a newspaper nowadays without reading that TV is going to destroy reading and that electronic technology has made the written word obsolete      hoy en día resulta difícil abrir un periódico en el que no leamos que  
*    First of all, it is important to try to understand some of the systems and processes involved in order to create a healthier body      en primer lugar, es importante intentar comprender  
*    It is in the nature of sociological theory to make broad generalizations about such things as the evolution of society      es un rasgo característico de  
*    It is often the case that early interests lead on to a career      suele suceder que  
De manera personal  
*    By way of introduction, let me summarize the background to this question      a modo de introducción, voy a  
*    I would like to start with a very sweeping statement which can be easily challenged      comenzaré con  
*    Before going specifically into the issue of criminal law, I wish first to summarize how Gewirth derives his principles of morality and justice      antes de entrar en el tema concreto de ... quisiera resumir  
*    Let us look at what self-respect in your job actually means      examinemos  
*    We commonly think of people as isolated individuals but, in fact, few of us ever spend more than an hour or two of our waking hours alone      normalmente consideramos a ... como  
*    What we are mainly concerned with here is the conflict between what the hero says and what he actually does      nuestra principal preocupación aquí es  
*    We live in a world in which the word "equality" is liberally bandied about      en el mundo en que vivimos  
Para incluir conceptos y problemas  
*    The concept of controlling harmful insects by genetic means isn't new      el concepto de  
*    The idea of getting rich without too much effort has universal appeal      la idea de  
*    The question of whether Hamlet was really insane has long occupied critics      que ... es una cuestión que  
*    Why they were successful where their predecessors had failed is a question that has been much debated      es una cuestión muy debatida  
*    One of the most striking aspects of this issue is the way (in which) it arouses strong emotions      uno de los aspectos más notables de este tema  
*    There are a number of issues on which China and Britain openly disagree      hay una serie de puntos  
Para hacer generalizaciones  
*    People who work outside the home tend to believe that parenting is an easy option      la gente que ... tiende a creer que  
*    There's always a tendency for people to exaggerate their place in the world      hay una tendencia entre la gente a  
*    Many gardeners have a tendency to treat plants like humans      tienen tendencia a  
*    Viewed psychologically, it would seem that we all have the propensity for such traits      todos somos propensos a  
*    For the (vast) majority of people, literature is a subject which is studied at school but which has no relevance to life as they know it      para la (inmensa) mayoría de la gente  
*    For most of us, housework is a necessary but boring task      para la mayoría de nosotros  
*    History provides numerous examples o instances of misguided national heroes who did more harm than good in the long run      aporta numerosos ejemplos  
Para ser más preciso  
*    The impact of these theories on the social sciences, and economics in particular, was extremely significant      en concreto  
*    One particular issue raised by Butt was, suppose Hughes at the time of his conviction had been old enough to be hanged, what would have happened?      un punto en concreto  
*    A more specific point relates to using this insight as a way of challenging our hidden assumptions about reality      un aspecto más concreto  
*    More specifically, he accuses Western governments of continuing to supply weapons and training to the rebels      más en concreto  
Para presentar una tesis     
Para introducirla  
*    First of all, let us consider the advantages of urban life      en primer lugar, consideremos  
*    Let us begin with an examination of the social aspects of this question      comencemos con un examen de  
*    The first thing that needs to be said is that the author is presenting a one-sided view      lo primero que hay que decir es que  
*    What should be established at the very outset is that we are dealing here with a practical issue rather than a philosophical one      antes de nada debemos dejar claro que  
Para delimitar el debate  
*    In the next section, I will pursue the question of whether the expansion of the Dutch prison system can be explained by Box's theory      en la próxima sección me centraré en la cuestión de  
*    I will then deal with the question of whether or not the requirements for practical discourse are compatible with criminal procedure      a continuación me ocuparé de la cuestión de  
*    We must distinguish between the psychic and the spiritual, and we shall see how the subtle level of consciousness is the basis for the spiritual level      veremos cómo  
*    I will confine myself to giving an account of certain decisive facts in my militant career with Sartre      me limitaré a  
*    In this chapter, I shall largely confine myself to a consideration of those therapeutic methods that use visualization as a part of their procedures      me limitaré en gran medida a  
*    We will not concern ourselves here with the Christian legend of St James      no nos vamos a ocupar aquí de  
*    Let us now consider to what extent the present municipal tribunals differ from the former popular tribunals in the above-mentioned points      pasemos a considerar ahora  
*    Let us now look at the ideal types of corporatism that neocorporatist theorists developed to clarify the concept      pasemos a examinar  
Para exponer los puntos  
*    The main issue under discussion is how the party should re-define itself if it is to play any future role in Hungarian politics      el principal punto de debate es  
*    A second, related problem is that business ethics has mostly concerned itself with grand theorizing      otro problema relacionado con esto es  
*    The basic issue at stake is this: is research to be judged by its value in generating new ideas?      el punto básico en cuestión es éste:  
*    An important aspect of Milton's imagery is the play of light and shade      un aspecto importante de ... es  
*    It is worth mentioning here that when this was first translated, the opening reference to Heidegger was entirely deleted      cabe mencionar aquí que  
*    Finally, there is the argument that watching too much television may stunt a child's imagination      por último, está el argumento de que  
Para poner un argumento en duda  
*    World leaders appear to be taking a tough stand, but is there any real substance in what's been agreed?      ¿se ha decidido algo concreto?  
*    This is a question which merits close(r) examination      merece un estudio (más) detallado  
*    The unity of the two separate German states has raised fundamental questions for Germany's neighbours      ha planteado interrogantes fundamentales para  
*    The failure to protect our fellow Europeans in Bosnia raises fundamental questions on the role of the armed forces      plantea problemas fundamentales sobre  
*    This raises once again the question of whether a government's right to secrecy should override the public's right to know      ... lo que plantea, una vez más, la cuestión de  
*    This poses the question of whether these measures are really helping the people they were intended to help      la cuestión que esto plantea es  
Para ofrecer un análisis de la cuestión  
*    It is interesting to consider why this scheme has been so successful      es interesante examinar porqué  
*    On the question of whether civil disobedience is likely to help end the war, Chomsky is deliberately diffident      en lo que concierne a  
*    We are often faced with the choice between our sense of duty and our own personal inclinations      solemos vernos ante la necesidad de escoger entre ... y  
*    When we speak of realism in music, we do not at all have in mind the illustrative bases of music      al hablar de ..., no tenemos presente en absoluto  
*    It is reasonable to assume that most people living in industrialized societies are to some extent contaminated by environmental poisons      está dentro de lo razonable suponer que  
Para aportar un argumento  
*    An argument in support of this approach is that it produces ...      un argumento a favor de ... es que  
*    In support of his theory, Dr Gold notes that most oil contains higher-than-atmospheric concentrations of helium-3      para apoyar su teoría  
*    This is the most telling argument in favour of an extension of the right to vote      éste es el argumento más convincente a favor de  
*    The second reason for advocating this course of action is that it benefits the community at large      la segunda razón para mostrarse partidario de ... es que  
*    The third, more fundamental, reason for looking to the future is that even the angriest investors realize they need a successful market      la tercera razón, más fundamental, para ... es que  
*    Despite communism's demise, confidence in capitalism seems to be at an all-time low. The fundamental reason for this contradiction seems to me quite simple      la razón fundamental de  
Para presentar una antítesis     
Para criticar u oponerse a algo  
*    In actual fact, the idea of there being a rupture between a socalled old criminology and an emergent new criminology is somewhat misleading      de hecho, la idea de ... es en cierto modo engañoso  
*    In order to argue this, I will show that Wyeth's position is, in actual fact, untenable      voy a demostrar que la postura de ... es ... insostenible  
*    It is claimed, however, that the strict Leboyer method is not essential for a less traumatic birth experience      se afirma, sin embargo,  
*    This need not mean that we are destined to suffer for ever. Indeed, the opposite may be true      esto no significa que .... De hecho quizá sea lo contrario  
*    Many observers, though, find it difficult to share his opinion that it could mean the end of the Tamil Tigers      les resulta difícil compartir su opinión de que  
*    On the other hand, there are more important factors that should be taken into consideration      por otra parte  
*    The judgement made may well be true but the evidence given to sustain it is unlikely to convince the sceptical      bien puede ser cierto pero  
*    Reform is all very well, but it is pointless if the rules are not enforced      está muy bien, pero  
*    The case against the use of drugs in sport rests primarily on the argument that .... This argument is weak, for two reasons      este argumento carece de solidez  
*    According to one theory, the ancestors of vampire bats were fruiteating bats. But this idea does not hold water      esta idea no se sostiene  
*    Their claim to be a separate race does not stand up to historical scrutiny      no resiste  
*    This view does not stand up if we examine the known facts about John      esta opinión no se sostiene  
*    The trouble with this idea is not that it is wrong, but rather that it is uninformative      el problema no es que esta idea ... sino que  
*    The difficulty with this view is that he bases the principle on a false premise      el problema que plantea esta opinión radica en que  
*    The snag with such speculations is that too much turns on one man or event      la pega de ... es que  
*    But removing healthy ovaries is entirely unjustified in my opinion      no tiene, en mi opinión, justificación alguna  
Para proponer una alternativa  
*    Another approach may be to develop substances capable of blocking the effects of the insect's immune system      otro planteamiento posible es  
*    Another way to reduce failure is to improve vocational education      otra forma de  
*    However, the other side of the coin is the fact that an improved self-image really can lead to prosperity      sin embargo, la otra cara de la moneda es  
*    It is more accurate to speak of a plurality of new criminologies rather than of a single new criminology      es más preciso hablar de  
*    Paradoxical as it may seem, computer models of mind can be positively humanizing      aunque parezca paradójico  
Para presentar la síntesis argumental     
Para evaluar los argumentos expuestos  
*    How can we reconcile these two apparently contradictory viewpoints?      ¿cómo reconciliar ...?  
*    On balance, making money honestly is more profitable than making it dishonestly      al fin y al cabo  
*    Since such vitamins are more expensive, one has to weigh up the pros and cons      hay que sopesar los pros y los contras  
*    We need to look at the pros and cons of normative theory as employed by Gewirth and Phillips      es necesario examinar los pros y contras de  
*    The benefits of partnership in a giant trading market will almost certainly outweigh the disadvantages      los beneficios de ... pesarán más que los inconvenientes  
*    The two perspectives are not mutually exclusive      las dos perspectivas no se excluyen mutuamente  
Para decantarse por uno de los argumentos  
*    Dr Meaden's theory is the most convincing explanation      es la explicación más convincente  
*    The truth o fact of the matter is that in a free society you can't turn every home into a fortress      lo cierto es que  
*    But the truth is that Father Christmas has a rather mixed origin      lo cierto es que  
*    Although this operation sounds extremely dangerous, in actual fact it is extremely safe      en realidad  
*    When all is said and done, it must be acknowledged that a purely theoretical approach to social issues is sterile      a fin de cuentas, se debe reconocer que  
Para resumir los argumentos  
*    In this chapter, I have demonstrated o shown that the Cuban alternative has been undergoing considerable transformations      he demostrado que  
*    This shows how, in the final analysis, adhering to a particular theory on crime is at best a matter of reasoned choice      esto demuestra cómo  
*    The overall picture shows that prison sentences were relatively frequent, but not particularly severe      la visión de conjunto demuestra que  
*    To recap o To sum up, then, (we may conclude that) there are in effect two possible solutions to this problem      en resumen, (se puede concluir que)  
*    To sum up this chapter I will offer two examples ...      para resumir este capítulo  
*    To summarize, we have seen that the old staple industries in Britain had been hit after the First World War by a deteriorating international competitive position      en resumen  
*    Habermas's argument, in a nutshell, is as follows      en suma  
*    But the key to the whole argument is a single extraordinary paragraph      la clave del problema ... se encuentra en  
*    To round off this section on slugs, gardeners may be interested to hear that there are three species of predatory slugs in the British Isles      para terminar esta sección sobre  
Para extraer conclusiones  
*    From all this, it follows that it is impossible to extend those kinds of security measures to all potential targets of terrorism      de todo esto se deduce que  
*    This, of course, leads to the logical conclusion that those who actually produce do have a claim to the results of their efforts      nos lleva a la conclusión lógica de que  
*    There is only one logical conclusion we can reach, which is that we ask our customers what is the Strategic Reality that they perceive in our marketing programme      sólo podemos llegar a una conclusión lógica  
*    The inescapable conclusion is that the criminal justice system does not simply reflect the reality of crime; it helps create it      la conclusión ineludible es que  
*    We must conclude that there is no solution to the problem of defining crime      debemos decir, a modo de conclusión, que  
*    In conclusion, because interpersonal relationships are so complex, there can be no easy way of preventing conflict      en conclusión  
*    The upshot of all this is that treatment is unlikely to be available      la consecuencia de todo esto es que  
*    So it would appear that butter is not significantly associated with heart disease after all      parece, pues, que  
*    This only goes to show that a good man is hard to find      esto demuestra  
*    The lesson to be learned from this is that you cannot hope to please everyone all of the time      la lección que se puede aprender es  
*    At the end of the day, the only way the drug problem will be beaten is when people are encouraged not to take them      al fin y al cabo  
*    Ultimately, then, while we may have some sympathy for these young criminals, we must do our utmost to protect society from them      en definitiva  
La estructura del párrafo     
Para añadir información  
*    In addition, the author does not really empathize with his hero      además  
*    This award-winning writer, in addition to being a critic, biographer and poet, has written 26 crime novels      además de ser  
*    But this is only part of the picture. Added to this are fears that a major price increase would cause riots      hay que añadir  
*    An added complication is that the characters are not aware of their relationship to one another      una ... más es  
*    Also, there is the question of language      además  
*    The question also arises as to how this idea can be put into practice      también se plantea la cuestión de  
*    Politicians, as well as academics and educationalists, tend to feel strongly about the way history is taught      al igual que  
*    But, over and above that, each list contains fictitious names and addresses      además de eso  
*    Furthermore, ozone is, like carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas      además  
Para comparar  
*    Compared with the heroine, Alison is an insipid character      comparada con  
*    In comparison with the Czech Republic, the culture of Bulgaria is less westernized      en comparación con  
*    This is a high percentage for the English Midlands but low by comparison with some other parts of Britain      si se compara con  
*    On the one hand, there is no longer a Warsaw Pact threat. On the other (hand), the positive changes could have negative side-effects      por una parte ... por otra  
*    Similarly, a good historian is not obsessed by dates      del mismo modo  
*    There can only be one total at the bottom of a column of figures and likewise only one solution to any problem      del mismo modo  
*    What others say of us will translate into reality. Equally, what we affirm as true of ourselves will likewise come true      de igual manera  
*    There will now be a change in the way we are regarded by our partners, and, by the same token, the way we regard them      del mismo modo  
*    There is a fundamental difference between adequate nutrient intake and optimum nutrient intake      hay una diferencia fundamental entre ... y  
Para unir dos elementos  
*    First of all o Firstly, I would like to outline the benefits of the system      en primer lugar  
*    In music we are concerned first and foremost with the practical application of controlled sounds relating to the human psyche      ante todo  
*    In order to understand the conflict between the two nations, it is first of all necessary to know something of the history of the area      para comprender ... es necesario ante todo  
*    Secondly, it might be simpler to develop chemical or even nuclear warheads for a large shell than for a missile      en segundo lugar  
*    In the first/second/third place, the objectives of privatization were contradictory      en primer/segundo/tercer lugar  
*    Finally, there is the argument that watching too much television may stunt a child's imagination      por último  
Para expresar una opinión personal  
*    In my opinion, the government is underestimating the scale of the epidemic      en mi opinión  
*    My personal opinion is that the argument lacks depth      mi opinión personal es que  
*    This is a popular viewpoint, but speaking personally, I cannot understand it      yo personalmente  
*    Personally, I think that no one can appreciate ethnicity more than black or African people themselves      yo personalmente  
*    For my part, I cannot agree with the leadership on this question      por mi parte  
*    My own view is that what largely determines the use of nonnational workers are economic factors rather than political ones      mi opinión personal es que  
*    In my view, it only perpetuates the very problem that it sets out to address      a mi parecer  
*    Although the author argues the case for patriotism, I feel that he does not do it with any great personal conviction      creo que  
*    I believe that people do understand that there can be no quick fix for Britain's economic problems      yo creo que  
*    It seems to me that what we have is a political problem that needs to be solved at a political level      a mi parecer  
*    I would maintain that we have made a significant effort to ensure that the results are made public      yo afirmaría que  
Para expresar la opinión de otra persona  
*    He claims o maintains that intelligence is conditioned by upbringing      mantiene que  
*    Bukharin asserts that all great revolutions are accompanied by destructive internal conflict      afirma que  
*    The communiqué states that some form of nuclear deterrent will continue to be needed for the foreseeable future      manifiesta que  
*    What he is saying is that the time of the old, highly structured political party is over      lo que dice es que  
*    His admirers would have us believe that watching this film is more like attending a church service than having a night at the pictures      quieren hacernos creer  
*    According to the report, poverty creates a climate favourable to violence      según  
Para dar un ejemplo  
*    To take another example: many thousands of people have been condemned to a life of sickness and pain because ...      para poner otro ejemplo  
*    Let us consider, for example o for instance, the problems faced by immigrants arriving in a strange country      por ejemplo  
*    His meteoric rise is the most striking example yet of voters' disillusionment with the record of the previous government      es el ejemplo más claro de ... hasta ahora  
*    The case of Henry Howey Robson serves to illustrate the courage exhibited by young men in the face of battle      sirve para ilustrar  
*    Just consider, by way of illustration, the difference in amounts accumulated if interest is paid gross, rather than having tax deducted      a modo de ejemplo  
*    A case in point is the decision to lift the ban on contacts with the republic      un ejemplo que viene al caso es  
*    Take the case of the soldier returning from war      tomemos el caso de  
*    As the Prime Minister remarked recently, the Channel Tunnel will greatly benefit the whole of the European Community      tal y como ha señalado ...  
Los mecanismos del debate     
Para presentar una suposición  
*    They have telephoned the president to put pressure on him. And that could be interpreted as trying to gain an unconstitutional political advantage      y eso se podría interpretar como  
*    Retail sales rose sharply last month. This was higher than expected and could be taken to mean that inflationary pressures remain strong      podría hacernos suponer  
*    In such circumstances, it might well be prudent to diversify your investments      quizá sería prudente  
*    These substances do not remain effective for very long. This is possibly because they work against the insects' natural instinct to feed      posiblemente se deba a que  
*    His wife had become an embarrassment to him and therefore it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that he may have contemplated murdering her      no está fuera de lo posible que  
*    Mr Fraser's assertion leads one to suppose that he is in full agreement with Catholic teaching as regards marriage      nos lleva a suponer  
*    It is probably the case that all long heavy ships are vulnerable      probablemente  
*    After hearing nothing from the taxman for so long, most people might reasonably assume that their tax affairs were in order      podría suponerse lógicamente que  
*    One could be forgiven for thinking that because the substances are chemicals they'd be easy to study      es comprensible que se piense que  
*    I venture to suggest that very often when people like him talk about love, they actually mean lust      me atrevo a sugerir que  
Para expresar certeza  
*    It is clear that any risk to the human foetus is very low      está claro que  
*    Benn is indisputably a fine orator, one of the most compelling speakers in politics today      indiscutiblemente  
*    British universities are undeniably good, but they are not turning out enough top scientists      no se puede negar que  
*    There can be no doubt that the Earth underwent a dramatic cooling which destroyed the environment and life style of these creatures      no cabe duda alguna de que  
*    It is undoubtedly true that over the years there has been a much greater emphasis on safer sex      es indudable que  
*    As we all know, adultery is far from uncommon, particularly in springtime      como todos sabemos  
*    One thing is certain: the party is far from united      lo que es cierto es que  
*    It is (quite) certain that unless peace can be brought to this troubled land no amount of aid will solve the long-term problems of the people      está (muy) claro que  
Para expresar dudas  
*    It is doubtful whether, in the present repressive climate, anyone would be brave or foolish enough to demonstrate publicly      es dudoso que  
*    It remains to be seen whether the security forces will try to intervene      queda por ver si  
*    I have a few reservations about the book      tengo ciertas reservas acerca de  
*    The judges are expected to endorse the recommendation, but it is by no means certain that they will make up their minds today      no hay ninguna seguridad de que  
*    It is questionable whether media coverage of terrorist organizations actually affects terrorism      es discutible que  
*    This raises the whole question of exactly when men and women should retire      esto plantea la cuestión de  
*    The crisis puts a question mark against the Prime Minister's stated commitment to intervention      abre un interrogante acerca de  
*    Both these claims are true up to a point and they need to be made. But they are limited in their significance      ambas afirmaciones son ciertas hasta cierto punto  
Para mostrarse de acuerdo  
*    I agree wholeheartedly with the opinion that smacking should be outlawed      coincido totalmente con  
*    One must acknowledge that their history will make change more painful      hay que reconocer que  
*    It cannot be denied that there are similarities between the two approaches      no se puede negar que  
*    Courtney - rightly in my view - is strongly critical of the snobbery and élitism that is all too evident in these circles      pienso que con toda la razón  
*    Preaching was considered an important activity, and rightly so in a country with a high illiteracy rate      y con mayor razón  
*    You may dispute the Pope's right to tell people how to live their lives, but it is hard to disagree with his picture of modern society      pero es difícil no coincidir con  
Para mostrarse en desacuerdo  
*    I must disagree with Gordon's article on criminality: it is dangerous to suggest that to be a criminal one must look like a criminal      debo mostrar mi desacuerdo con  
*    As a former teacher I find it hard to believe that there is no link at all between screen violence and violence on the streets      me cuesta creer que  
*    The strength of their feelings is scarcely credible      es poco verosímil  
*    Her claim to have been the first to discover the phenomenon lacks credibility      carece de toda credibilidad  
*    Nevertheless, I remain unconvinced by Milton      ... sigue sin convencerme  
*    Many do not believe that water contains anything remotely dangerous. Sadly, this is far from the truth      dista mucho de ser cierto  
*    To say that everyone requires the same amount of a vitamin is as stupid as saying we all have blonde hair and blue eyes. It simply isn't true      sencillamente no es cierto  
*    His remarks were not only highly offensive to black and other ethnic minorities but totally inaccurate      totalmente erróneos  
*    Stomach ulcers are often associated with good living and a fastmoving lifestyle. (But) in reality there is no evidence to support this theory      pero en realidad  
*    This version of a political economy does not stand up to close scrutiny      no resiste un análisis pormenorizado  
Para resaltar uno de los argumentos  
*    Nowadays, there is clearly less stigma attached to unmarried mothers      está claro que hay  
*    Evidence shows that ..., so once again the facts speak for themselves      los hechos hablan por sí solos  
*    Few will argue with the principle that such a fund should be set up      apenas hay quien discuta el principio  
*    Hyams supports this claim by looking at sentences produced by young children learning German      apoya esta afirmación  
*    The most important thing is to reach agreement from all sides      lo más importante es  
*    Perhaps the most important aspect of cognition is the ability to manipulate symbols      el aspecto más importante de  
Para destacar un punto en concreto  
*    It would be impossible to exaggerate the importance of these two volumes for anyone with a serious interest in the development of black gospel music      no se puede exagerar la importancia de  
*    The symbolic importance of Jerusalem for both Palestinians and Jews is almost impossible to overemphasize      nunca se insistirá demasiado en  
*    It is important to be clear that Jesus does not identify himself with Yahweh      es importante dejar claro que  
*    It is significant that Mandalay seems to have become the central focus in this debate      resulta revelador que  
*    It should not be forgotten that many of those now in exile were close to the centre of power until only one year ago      no hay que olvidar que  
*    It should be stressed that the only way pet owners could possibly contract such a condition from their pets is by eating them      habría que recalcar que  
*    There is a very important point here and that is that the accused claims that he was with Ms Martins all evening on the night of the crime      lo que resulta importante aquí es que  
*    At the beginning of his book Mr Stone makes a telling point. The Balkan peoples, he notes, are for the first time ...      hace un comentario revelador  
*    Suspicion is the chief feature of Britain's attitude to European theatre      el rasgo primordial de  
*    In order to focus attention on Hobson's distinctive contributions to macroeconomics, these wider issues are neglected here      con objeto de centrarnos en  
*    These statements are interesting in that they illustrate different views      estas afirmaciones son interesantes porque  
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"he was writing as long ago as": examples and translations in context
What happened in 1993 was in some respects the culmination of a process which started as long ago as 1945, and again, I reflect this in the informative booklet that I am making available. Lo que ocurrió en 1993 fue en algunos aspectos la culminación de un proceso que había comenzado en 1945, y -una vez más- reflejo este hecho en el folleto informativo que he puesto a disposición de los miembros.
It took me forever to discover he was writing as if in a mirror. Me llevó una eternidad descubrir que estaba escribiendo como un espejo.
This need was identified as long ago as 1999. Esta necesidad ya se decidió en 1999.
In Lorraine, the shortage began as long ago as February. Por citar únicamente el ejemplo de Lorena, este déficit comenzó a partir de febrero.
The Commission presented the first draft as long ago as July last year. La Comisión presentó el primer borrador ya en julio del año pasado.
The Federal Republic of Germany signed this Optional Protocol as long ago as September 2000. La República Federal de Alemania suscribió el Protocolo facultativo hace ya mucho, en septiembre de 2000.
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