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   (=opinion)   avis    m     
in my view      à mon avis  
→ In my view things won't change        
→ There is, in my view, a simple explanation ...        
sb's view on sth      la position de qn sur qch  
→ his views on women        
to take the view that ...      être d'avis que ...  
→ I take the view that she should be stopped as soon as possible        
to take a dim view of sb      voir qn d'un mauvais œil  
→ They took a dim view of local trade-unionists        
to take a dim view of sth      voir qch d'un mauvais œil  
to take the long view      se positionner sur le long terme  
→ Some Taiwanese investors are taking the long view        
to take the long view of sth      considérer qch sur le long terme  
→ Taking a long view of the project, I began to think in terms of the rehearsal schedules required.        
   (=interpretation)   vision    f     
He takes a wider view of things than most people.      Il a une vision des choses plus large que la plupart des gens.  
→ a Christian-centred view of religion        
an overall view      une vue d'ensemble  
   (=sight, range of vision)   vue    f     
→ They pushed forward for a better view.        
He stood up to get a better view of the blackboard.      Il se leva pour avoir une meilleure vue du tableau.  
to block sb's view      bloquer la vue de qn  
→ He stopped in the doorway, blocking her view.        
in full view of sb      sous les yeux de qn  
→ She was lying there in full view of anyone who walked by ...        
to be within view      être à portée de vue  
to be within view of sth      être à portée de vue de qch  
→ The building is within view of our 11th storey flat        
to be on view        (in museum, gallery)   
[work of art]  
être exposé (e)     
→ The paintings will be on view from ground level again from March 25        
[exhibition]   être visible  
→ The Turner exhibition is on view at the Tate Gallery.        
   [+town, country]   vue    f     
There's an amazing view.      Il y a une vue extraordinaire.  
a superb view of sth      une vue superbe sur qch  
→ The windows of her flat offer a superb view of London.        
→ Each of the rooms has a superb view of Pissouri Bay        
→ The view from our window was one of beautiful green countryside ...        
a sea view      vue sur la mer  
with a sea view      avec vue sur la mer  
   (=photo, picture)   vue    f     
→ souvenir packs showing 52 views of London        
visite    f  
     (COMPUTING)   affichage    m     
→ To see the current document in full-page view, click the Page Zoom Full button        
with a view to doing sth      en vue de faire qch  
→ We have exchanged letters with a view to meeting up.        
to have sth in view      avoir qch en vue  
→ They have very clear career aims in view.        
in view of the fact that      étant donné que  
in view of sth      (=considering)   au vu de qch  
→ She has to be extra careful in view of her past medical history        
   (=regard)   voir  
→ How do you view the matter?        
→ He viewed the future with gloom.        
to view sth favourably      voir qch d'un bon œil  
We would view favourably any sensible suggestion.      Nous verrions d'un bon œil toute suggestion raisonnable.  
→ We viewed four houses this morning.        
   (=look at)   constater  
→ The soldier looked around to view the damage.        
  [+film, video, programme]  

bird's-eye view  
      n   vue    f   à vol d'oiseau, vue    f   d'ensemble  
→ The central tower of Jagdschloss gave us a fine birds eye view of the whole of Rugen        
a bird's-eye view of Paris      Paris vu d'avion  
point of view  
   (=viewpoint)   point    m   de vue  
Try to look at this from my point of view.      Essayez de voir cela de mon point de vue.  
It depends on your point of view.      Cela dépend de votre point de vue.  
→ It depends on your point of view whether you think it's a good thing or not.        
from a practical point of view      d'un point de vue pratique  
→ From a practical point of view, we'd be better leaving on Friday.        
   from the point of view of ...      (=as regards)   du point de vue de ...  
→ Do you think that, from the point of view of results, this exercise was worth the cost?        
→ The average man doing hard physical work has the best record, from the point of view of heart disease.        
rear-view mirror   , rearview mirror  
      n   [+vehicle]   rétroviseur    m     
sea view  
      n     (British)   vue    f   sur la mer  
world view   , world-view  
      n   vision    f   du monde  
→ ... their Christian world view ...        
→ Many artists express their world view in their work.        
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Collaborative Dictionary     English-French
vue ; avis
voir (vt.) ; considérer (+human) (vt.)
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