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deux avis valent mieux qu'un
deux avis valent mieux qu'un
mieux que jamais
mieux que rien
mieux que rien
Rien ne vaut une bonne tasse de café bien chaud.
être mieux loti (vi.) ; faire mieux (+inf.) (vi.)
des têtes vont tomber
moins de un
'two heads are better than one' also found in translations in French-English dictionary
two heads are better than one
two heads are better than one
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   [+person, animal]   tête    f     
→ She turned her head away from him.        
a shaved head      un crâne rasé  
to shake one's head      hocher la tête  
→ He smiled and shook his head.        
head first        (adv)    la tête la première  
→ My mate dived head first through a window and I threw myself down the stairs.        
He fell head first into the river.      Il est tombé la tête la première dans la rivière.  
from head to foot, from head to toe      de la tête aux pieds  
→ Colin had been put into a bath and been scrubbed from head to foot        
to go head over heels      (=fall)   tomber à la renverse  
→ He tripped over a pile of books and went head over heels.        
to fall head over heels, to fall head over heels in love      tomber follement amoureux (-euse)  , tomber éperdument amoureux (-euse)     
→ I was very attracted to men and fell head over heels many times.        
to be head over heels in love      être follement amoureux (-euse)  , être éperdument amoureux (-euse)     
to laugh one's head off      rire aux éclats  
→ He carried on telling a joke, laughing his head off.        
to scream one's head off      crier à tue-tête  
to stand on one's head      (=balance upside down)   faire le poirier  
to give sb their head      (=let sb do what they want to)   lâcher la bride à qn  
to bang people's heads together, to knock people's heads together      (=tell off severely)   en prendre un pour taper sur l'autre  
heads are going to roll, heads will roll      des têtes vont tomber  
on your own head be it!      à vos risques et périls!  
→ "If you don't let me do this, I'll find another job." -- "All right! But on your own head be it!"        
to knock sth on the head        (British)  
*   (=put a stop to sth)   laisser tomber qch  
→ When we stop enjoying ourselves we'll knock it on the head        
to rear its ugly head      [problem]   faire sa réapparition  
→ we need to stamp out racism wherever it rears its ugly head        
to go to sb's head      [alcohol]   monter à la tête de qn  
→ That wine was strong, it's gone to my head.        
The wine went to my head.      Le vin m'est monté à la tête.  
[success]   monter à la tête de qn  
→ Ford is definitely not a man to let a little success go to his head.        
to keep one's head above water      (=survive)     (in business)    se maintenir à flot  
→ We are keeping our head above water, but our cash flow position is not too good.        
to bite sb's head off        (fig)   rembarrer qn  
→ All right. No need to bite my head off!        
→ He almost bit my head off when I asked why he still insisted on painting such depressing pictures.        
to stand sth on its head        [+idea, argument]   prendre le contre-pied de qch  
→ the EU's single currency has stood history on its head        
    head injury  
    head wound  
   (=mind)   tête    f     
→ Use your head!        
→ I can't get that song out of my head.        
to get sth into one's head        [+fact, idea]   se mettre qch dans la tête  
→ She's got it into her head that you're related to a guy she once knew        
→ Managers have at last got it into their heads that they cannot be content with inefficient operations.        
Once they get an idea into their head they never give up.      Une fois qu'ils se sont mis une idée en tête, ils n'en démordent plus.  
when are you going to get it into your head that ...      quand vous serez-vous mis dans la tête que ...  
to take it into one's head to do sth      se mettre en tête de faire qch  
→ He suddenly took it into his head to go out to Australia to see his son.        
to go over sb's head      [idea]   dépasser qn  
→ I admit that a lot of the ideas went way over my head.        
to do a sum in one's head      faire une addition de tête  
→ He's not very good at doing sums in his head.        
to keep one's head      (=remain calm)   garder son sang-froid  
→ We must keep our heads.        
to lose one's head      perdre la tête  
→ You mustn't lose your head when things become a bit frantic.        
to have no head for heights      être sujet (te)   au vertige  
to have a head for business      avoir le sens des affaires  
to have a head for figures      être doué (e)   pour les chiffres  
to put your heads together      (=think together)  
Let's put our heads together.      Réfléchissons ensemble.  
Everyone put their heads together, and ...      Tout le monde y a réfléchi ensemble, et ...  
→ So everyone put their heads together and eventually an agreement was reached.        
off the top of my head      *   (=without reflection)   de tête  
Off the top of my head, here are a few examples.      De tête, voici quelques exemples.  
→ Off the top of my head, here are a few examples of `things they should have taught you at school': beware of marrying young; pure talent is rarely the key to career success - high motivation and low cunning are much more important ...        
to go off one's head      *     (mainly British)   (=go crazy)   perdre la boule *     
→ Since she left him, he's gone completely off his head.        
to be off one's head      *     (mainly British)   (=be crazy)   être cinglé (e)   *      (=be drunk)   être pété (e)   *     
→ We were all completely off our heads last night.        
   (=be high on drugs)   être défoncé (e)     
to be out of one's head      (=be drunk)   être pété (e)   *      (=be high on drugs)   être défoncé (e)     
→ She was out of her head on vodka and tranquilisers.        
   (=leader)   chef    mf     
→ European heads of government        
→ head of business development        
   [+school]   directeur (-trice)      m/f     
→ She became head of a school in Edinburgh.        
→ secondary heads        
10 euros a head, 10 euros per head      (=per person)   10 euros par personne  
→ This simple chicken dish costs less than £1 a head.        
to sit at the head of the table      présider la tablée  
I can't make head or tail of this, I can't make head nor tail of this      *   (=can't understand)   je n'y comprends rien  
→ I couldn't make head nor tail of the damn film.        
   to come to a head      [situation]   devenir critique  
→ Things came to a head when five journalists were sacked.        
→ Things are really coming to a head now - we can't hesitate any longer.        
to win by a head      gagner d'une tête  
to be beaten by a short head      (=narrowly)   être battu (e)   d'une courte tête  
→ beaten by just a short head in the Duke of Edinburgh Handicap        
      npl     (on coin)    face    f     
heads or tails? -- heads      pile ou face ? -- face  
it's heads      face  
→ "We might toss up for it," suggested Ted. "If it's heads, then we'll talk."        
     [+list]   être en tête de  
→ The list of most polluted cities is headed by London.        
     [+group, firm]   être à la tête de  
→ The firm is headed by John Murray.        
to head the ball      faire une tête  
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"two heads are better than one": examples and translations in context
In English we say " two heads are better than one ". En anglais, on dit que " deux têtes valent mieux qu'une ".
When it comes to sending these guys messages, two heads are better than one. Quand il s'agit d'envoyer un message à ces mecs deux têtes valent mieux qu'une.
You know, like I always say, two heads are better than one. Comme je dis toujours : deux têtes valent mieux qu'une.
Sometimes two heads are better than one. Quelques fois deux têtes valent mieux qu'une.
Yeah, I suppose two heads are better than one. Ouais, je suppose que deux têtes valent mieux qu'une.
Decisions, decisions... two heads are better than one Décisions, décisions... Deux avis valent mieux qu'un
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