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quotes n.

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entre guillemets
citations et proverbes
demander plusieurs devis
citation ; cours
citer (vt.) ; coter (vt.)
je cite ...
citation intéressante
cours de la bourse
citation célèbre


     (from person, author, book)    citation    f     
→ a quote from an unnamed member of the Cabinet        
a Shakespeare quote      une citation de Shakespeare  
   (=estimate)   devis    m     
→ Never agree to a job without getting a quote first.        
     [+person, passage, line, author]   citer  
→ Yesterday the Belgian newspaper Le Soir quoted a professor who said he witnessed the killings.        
→ She quoted a line from a book by Romain Gary.        
He's always quoting Shakespeare.      Il n'arrête pas de citer Shakespeare.  
to quote sb as saying sth, He quoted her as saying that ...      Selon lui, elle aurait dit que ...  
→ He quoted Mr Polay as saying that peace negotiations were already underway.        
She was quoted as saying ...      Elle aurait dit que ...  
→ She was quoted in the Express by an unnamed source as saying: "I won't bail out those two silly girls."        
quote ... unquote        (in dictation)    ouvrez les guillemets ... fermez les guillemets  
quote ...      (=I am quoting)   je cite ...  
He predicts the Democrats will have, quote, `an awful lot of explaining to do.'      Il prédit que les démocrates devront, je cite, 'se justifier sur beaucoup de choses.'  
     [+reference number]   rappeler  
→ Please quote this reference number in any correspondence.        
   (=give as example)  
  [+statistics, fact]  
→ Mr Meacher quoted statistics saying that the standard of living had fallen.        
     [+price]   donner, soumettre  
to quote a price for sth      [salesperson]   donner un prix pour qch  
→ A travel agent quoted her £160 for a flight to Palma.        
[contractor]   faire un devis pour qch  
He quoted us a price for the repairs.      Il nous a fait un devis pour les réparations.  
     [+shares, commodity]   coter
     (from text, author)    citer  
→ I quote from memory, ...        
→ It said (and I quote exactly) We are so sorry ...        
to quote from sb/sth      citer qn/qch  
→ I quote from later in the book:        
→ I quote from her a lot because she is so great at condensing a whole feeling into one line        
→ I quote from an article I discovered on the internet.        
   (=give estimate)  
to quote for a job      établir un devis pour des travaux  
   (=quotation marks)   guillemets    mpl     
in quotes      entre guillemets  
→ The word "remembered" is in quotes.        
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"quotes": examples and translations in context
The quotes below illustrate just how much polarization there is on these issues. Les citations ci-dessous illustrent bien la polarisation concernant ces questions :
He does not also deal with incomplete quotes. Elle ne dit rien des citations incomplètes.
I would like to read a few quotes which are really precious. Je lirai quelques citations qui sont vraiment précieuses.
I will close with that. I had several quotes from constitutional experts. Je vais terminer là-dessus. J'ai plusieurs citations de constitutionnalistes.
I have a few quotes I would like to share with the House. Permettez-moi de rapporter quelques petites citations.
The writer quotes David Suzuki who says: L'auteur de l'article cite David Suzuki:
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