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   (=query)   question    f     
→ A panel of experts attempted to answer our questions.        
to ask a question      poser une question  
Can I ask a question?      Est-ce que je peux poser une question?  
to ask sb a question      poser une question à qn  
to put a question to sb      poser une question à qn  
the question is ...      la question est de savoir ...  
→ The question is, who will take over now that he's resigned.        
good question      bonne question  
to pop the question, She was wondering when he would pop the question.      Elle se demandait quand il allait la demander en mariage.  
   (=doubt)   doute    m     
There was no question about the diagnosis.      Le diagnostic ne faisait aucun doute., Il n'y avait aucun doute quant au diagnostic.  
there's some question as to who ...      on ne sait pas avec certitude qui ...  
There's some question as to whether he will sign this resolution.      On ne sait pas avec certitude s'il va signer la résolution.  
to bring sth into question, to call sth into question      remettre qch en question  
→ His honesty was called into question.        
→ The paper says the President's move has called into question the whole basis of democracy in the country.        
to be in question      être en question  
→ With the loyalty of key military units in question, that could prove an extraordinarily difficult task.        
to be open to question      (=a matter for discussion)   être discutable  
Managers' motives are always going to be open to question.      Les motivations de la direction seront toujours discutables.  
to be beyond question      (=unquestionable)   ne pas faire l'ombre d'un doute  
→ His integrity is beyond question.        
→ As a footballer, Le Saux's ability was beyond question ...        
without question      (=undoubtedly)   sans conteste  
He was our greatest storyteller, without question.      Il était sans conteste notre plus grand conteur.  
   (=unquestioningly)   sans poser de questions  
They carried out orders without question.      Ils ont exécuté les ordres sans poser de questions.  
→ military formations, carrying out without question the battle orders of superior officers.        
   (=matter, subject)   question    f     
→ the nuclear power question        
→ A number of questions still need to be resolved.        
That's a difficult question.      C'est une question difficile.  
it's a question of doing      il s'agit de faire  
there's some question of doing      il est question de faire  
there's no question of that      cela est hors de question  
There's no question of a compromise.      Un compromis est hors de question.  
→ As far as he was concerned there was no question of betraying his own comrades.        
→ There is no question of the tax-payer picking up the bill for the party.        
→ The hotel was so noisy that there was no question of getting a full night's sleep.        
there's no question of his doing it      il est hors de question qu'il le fasse  
There's no question of them agreeing.      Il est hors de question qu'ils se mettent d'accord.  
to be out of the question      être hors de question  
→ For the homeless, private medical care is simply out of the question        
→ She knew that a holiday this year was out of the question ...        
It's out of the question.      C'est hors de question.  
the person in question      la personne en question  
→ The player in question is Mark Williams        
the night in question      la nuit en question  
→ Did James have dinner with you on the night in question?        
     (in exam paper)    question    f     
→ You have to answer four questions in two hours.        
→ A man is being questioned by police in connection with the attack.        
→ I started questioning her about Jane and Anthony.        
He was questioned by the police.      Il a été interrogé par la police.  
  [+plan, idea, motives, decision, beliefs]  
mettre en question, mettre en doute  
→ It never occurs to them to question the doctor's decisions.        
→ Weber is challenging his audience to question their own beliefs.        
to question whether ...      (=call into question)   contester le fait que ...  
He questioned whether anybody could run a marathon in less than 2 hours.      Il a contesté le fait qu'on puisse courir le marathon en moins de 2 heures.  
→ analysts question whether the current momentum of the market can be sustained        
→ Many might question whether it is an appropriate use of licence-payers' money to promote such an event        
→ Some questioned whether he possessed the ambition to match his undoubted talent.        
→ Many in the media are questioning whether he could have done more to stop the attacks        

bonus question  
      n     (in quiz)    question    f   bonus  
→ Your bonus question is 'What's Barney Rubble's adopted son called?'        
      vt     (LAW)   faire subir un interrogatoire à  
essay question  
      n     (on university exam paper)    sujet    m   de dissertation  ,   (on school exam paper)    sujet    m   de rédaction
→ The essay questions on paper 1 were really difficult.        
indirect question  
      n     (mainly British, GRAMMAR)   question    f   indirecte  
leading question  
      n   question    f   tendancieuse  
loaded question  
      n   question    f   tendancieuse  
→ That's a loaded question.        
→ a rigged referendum with a loaded question        
open question  
it is an open question whether ...      la question reste ouverte de savoir si ...  
→ A British official said he thought it was an open question whether sanctions would do any good.        
question mark  
     (punctuation)    point    m   d'interrogation
there is a question mark over ...      il y a une incertitude quant à ...  
→ there is still a big question mark over its prospects.        
There are bound to be question marks over his future.      Il y aura forcément des incertitudes quant à son avenir.  
There is a question mark hanging over his future.      L'incertitude plane sur son avenir.  
→ There's now a huge question mark hanging over the success of the negotiations.        
there is a question mark over whether ...      on ne sait pas si ...  
→ there is a question mark over whether it will be Europe or US        
question tag  
      n   en anglais, tournure interrogative placée en fin de phrase, souvent traduite par "n'est-ce pas?"   en anglais, tournure interrogative placée en fin de phrase, souvent traduite par "n'est-ce pas?"  
sixty-four thousand dollar question   *  
that's the sixty-four thousand dollar question      c'est la question à mille francs  
trick question  
      n   question-piège    f  
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interroger (+human) (v.) ; mettre en doute (v.) ; demander (+que) (v.)
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