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   (=horse)   monture    f     
→ the number of owners who care for older mounts        
     (for picture)    passe-partout    m inv     
→ The photographs are displayed on simple white mounts        
     (in names)    mont    m  , montagne    f     
Mount Rushmore      le mont Rushmore  
     [+stairs]   monter  
→ She mounted the last flight to the sixth floor.        
     [+horse, bike]   enfourcher, monter sur  
→ He mounted his horse and rode away.        
A man in a crash helmet was mounting a motorbike ...      Un homme coiffé d'un casque montait sur or enfourchait sa moto ...  
  [+exhibition, campaign]  
monter, organiser  
→ We mounted an exhibition of war photography.        
  [+attack, military operation]   monter  
→ ... a security operation mounted by the army.        
→ We mounted a sustained attack on the government.        
They're mounting a publicity campaign.      Ils montent or organisent une campagne publicitaire.  
     [+picture]   monter sur carton  
→ She mounts her work in simple black frames.        
     [+exhibit]   présenter  
→ The sword was mounted in a mahogany case.        
     (stamp)    coller dans un album
monter sur  
→ We mounted the pavement, narrowly missing a bollard.        
[car, lorry]   monter sur  
the car mounted the pavement      la voiture est montée sur le trottoir  
→ For several hours, tension mounted.        
[pressure]   monter  
→ the pressure is mounting as the concert draws near,        
Tension is mounting.      La tension monte.  
evidence is mounting that ...      il y a de plus en plus de raisons de penser que ...  
→ evidence is mounting that only a small minority of cases are caused by oxygen deprivation        
monter, augmenter  
→ The decibel level was mounting.        
   (=pile up)   s'accumuler  
→ The uncollected garbage mounts in city streets.        
   [rider]   se mettre en selle  
→ He mounted and rode away.        

mount up  
[bills, debts, letters]  
Letters had mounted up while we were on holiday.      Les lettres s'étaient accumulées pendant que nous étions en vacances.  
→ Her medical bills mounted up.        
→ If you hide away your problems and pretend that they don't exist they will just continue to mount up ...        
   (=grow)   augmenter  
My savings are mounting up gradually.      Mes économies augmentent progressivement.  
Mount Everest  
      n   le mont Everest
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mont ; support
Mont du Temple
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"mount": examples and translations in context
It's spelled with a "t", mount as in mountain, a little mountain. Ca s'écrit avec un "t" mont comme un mont, une petite montagne.
And the view of mount Eureka was so pretty. Et le vue au mont Eureka était si belle.
I understand you can see mount rainer from the top. Il parait que l'on peut voir le Mont Rainier du sommet.
She'll be watching everyone from the top of mount Earnshaw. Elle observera tout le monde du haut du mont Earnshaw.
I descend from Koya's mount in indecent haste. "Je descends le Mont Koya, avec une hâte indécente,
Easy mount support bar attaches to seat post and under steering head support facile à fixer au tube de selle et sous le tube de direction
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