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to go to ruin exp.
être ruiné

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Collaborative Dictionary     English-French
aller à vau-l'eau
tomber en ruine
aller en justice
aller se coucher
allez-y !
aller à la messe
passer en jugement


   [+person, institution, building]   ruine    f     
→ The revelations about his private life led to his ruin.        
to crumble into ruin      tomber en ruine  
→ The villages are crumbling into ruin.        
to go to ruin      être ruiné (e)     
→ She wasn't going to let her plans go to ruin.        
   (=bankruptcy)   ruine    f     
→ Crow was heading for ruin.        
→ Recent inflation has driven them to the brink of ruin.        
→ financial ruin        
   (=ruined building)   ruine    f     
→ It was very splendid once, but it is a ruin now.        
  [+crops, career, reputation, chances, relations]  
→ It ruined their relations with the unions.        
  [+health]   ruiner  
You are ruining your health.      Tu te ruines la santé.  
     [+clothes, carpet]   abîmer  
→ The carpet was ruined in the flood.        
You'll ruin your shoes.      Tu vas abîmer tes chaussures.  
  [+surprise, holiday, trip]  
It ruined our holiday.      Ça a gâché nos vacances.  
   (=bankrupt)   ruiner  
→ The contract would certainly have ruined him.        
   [+building]   ruines    fpl     
→ Some of the houses were no more than ruins.        
the ruins of the castle      les ruines du château  
in ruins        (house, castle, city)    en ruine  
→ Bremen was in ruins.        
   [+empire]   ruines    fpl     
→ the ruins of a great empire        
to be in ruins      [empire, career, life, economy]   être en ruine  
→ Their once robust economy is now in ruins.        
[marriage, dreams, hopes]   être ruiné (e)     
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"go to ruin": examples and translations in context
All land needs laborers, otherwise it would go to ruin. La terre a besoin des paysans, sinon elle se perd.
All land needs labourers, otherwise it would go to ruin. La terre a besoin des paysans, sinon elle se perd.
Kraus will never go to ruin because there will always be great and loveless difficulties confronting him. Kraus restera toujours debout car il devra toujours affronter de grandes et cruelles difficultés.
If you indulge him, we'll all go to ruin. Si tu le pourris, ça finira mal
It is like someone who wants to save money to pay off his mortgage, but who lets his house go to ruin. The roof and basement leak, but his priority is not to maintain his house, but to pay off his mortgage. Cela fait penser à quelqu'un qui veut épargner son argent pour payer son hypothèque, mais qui laisse détruire sa résidence: son toit coule sur le plancher et dans le sous-sol, mais sa préoccupation n'est pas d'entretenir sa résidence mais de payer son hypothèque.
... So many of these communities are angry because they do not think they have the resources to maintain or take over these facilities and they do not. These communities will go to ruin. These ports will go to ruin without the infrastructure that the government provides. ... la voie maritime, et en fonction des tendances de l'industrie, ils ont beaucoup plus de chances de jouer un rôle accru dans le commerce international dans l'intérêt de tous les Canadiens.
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