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   (=more)   autre  
→ Doctors are carrying out further tests.        
→ For further information, see leaflet NI.49 ...        
nothing further to add      rien à ajouter  
I've nothing further to say.      Je n'ai rien à ajouter.  
→ I don't think I've anything further to say.        
until further notice      jusqu'à nouvel ordre, jusqu'à nouvel avis  
→ He was instructed to remain in London until further notice        
   (=more distant)   plus loin  
London is further from Manchester than Leeds is.      Londres est plus loin de Manchester que Leeds.  
How much further is it?      C'est encore loin?  
→ We seem to have been driving for hours. How much further is it?        
How much further is it to Glasgow?      Combien de kilomètres reste-t-il jusqu'à Glasgow?  
     (in space)    plus loin  
→ I walked further than I intended        
further on      plus loin  
fifty metres further on      cinquante mètres plus loin  
further away      plus loin  
→ Now we live further away from the city centre        
further along      plus loin  
→ He indicated another doorway further along, which I entered        
further along the beach      plus loin, le long de la plage  
     (in time)    plus loin  
further back      plus loin en arrière  
→ It has its origins much further back in time.        
further ahead      à plus longue échéance  
→ Looking further ahead, airfields were to be built.        
   (=more)   davantage  
→ Inflation is below 5% and set to fall further        
→ He did not develop that idea any further.        
→ He sank further into debt.        
→ The situation was further complicated by uncertainty about the future        
to take a matter further      (=pursue)   donner suite à une affaire, ne pas laisser une affaire en l'état  
→ Now, however, the government are keen to take the matter further        
→ If you want to take the matter further, you should speak to a lawyer        
   further to your letter of ...        (British)   suite à votre lettre du ...  
→ Further to your letter of September 14, I am writing to inform you that I will be pursuing this matter through the courts        
   (=moreover)   de plus  
→ Davis related that the three girls were pretty; further, that before the ship sailed they had all acquired admirers.        
→ Dodd made no appeal of his death sentence and, further, instructed his attorney to sue anyone who succeeds in delaying his execution.        
     [+career, interests]   faire avancer, faire progresser, promouvoir  
→ a plot by Morris to further his career        
→ In ancient times people sometimes turned to magic to maintain or further their interests        
→ She set up a development unit to further the interests of women        
     [+cause]   servir  
→ We are no longer able to further the cause of world revolution        

college of further education  
      n   centre    m   de formation continue  
further education  
      n   enseignement    m   postscolaire   (recyclage, formation professionnelle)     
→ She is now in further education with new career possibilities ahead of her ...        
further education college  
      n   centre    m   de formation continue  
→ Most further-education colleges offer A-level courses.        
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Collaborative Dictionary     English-French
faire progresser ; promouvoir
plus loin
de plus
de plus en plus loin
de plus en plus éloigné
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