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   (=proof)   preuves    fpl     
evidence to support a theory      des preuves à l'appui d'une théorie  
→ There is no evidence to support this theory.        
there is evidence that      il est prouvé que  
→ There is a lot of evidence that stress is partly responsible for disease.        
to show evidence of      donner des signes de  
→ If he was irritated by his cameraman, he showed no evidence of it.        
→ The room showed evidence of a struggle.        
to see evidence of      voir des signes de  
to see evidence that      constater que  
→ We saw evidence everywhere that tourism was on the increase.        
to be in evidence      être visible  
→ Lawlessness was particularly in evidence in the towns.        
→ Few soldiers were in evidence.        
     (LAW, against defendant)   preuves    fpl     
→ He tried to destroy the evidence.        
→ Detectives found valuable evidence in the flat.        
→ There was enough evidence for a successful prosecution.        
evidence against sb      des preuves contre qn  
→ There was no real evidence against him.        
to produce sth as evidence      produire qch comme pièce à conviction  
→ She produced a letter from the accused as evidence.        
→ Police have kept the stolen objects as evidence.        
     (LAW)   (=statement)   [+witness]   témoignage    m     
→ The evidence she gave was rejected.        
to give evidence      témoigner, déposer  
→ Cabin crew have been giving evidence at the M1 air crash enquiry.        

forensic evidence  
      n   preuves    fpl   relevées lors d'une expertise médicolégale  
to be convicted on forensic evidence      être reconnu coupable sur la base du rapport médico-légal  
→ They were convicted on forensic evidence alone ...        
hearsay evidence  
      n   preuve    f   par ouï-dire  
→ Hearsay evidence could be very revealing in marriage proceedings        
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preuve ; évidence
faire la preuve
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