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     [+person]   encourager  
→ When things aren't going well, he encourages me.        
Don't encourage him!      Ne l'encourage pas!  
to be encouraged by sth      être réconforté (e)   par qch  
→ Investors were encouraged by the news.        
→ We were very encouraged by their reaction to the proposals.        
to encourage sb to do sth        (gen)    encourager qn à faire qch  
→ We want to encourage people to go fishing.        
→ He encourages his pupils to think for themselves.        
     (to do sth undesirable)    inciter qn à faire qch  
→ This will only encourage more refugees to come here        
→ Their soft attitude can only encourage criminals to persevere in their wicked behaviour        
     [+industry, growth]   encourager  
→ The aim is to encourage more business development in areas of low employment        
→ The government wants to encourage industry.        
→ Their task is to encourage private investment.        
  [+activity, attitude]   encourager  
→ Group meetings in the factory were always encouraged.        
→ This encouraged the growth of Marxism.        
→ a natural substance that encourages cell growth        
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encourage v.

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Collaborative Dictionary     English-French
Ne l'encourage pas!
Nous devons encourager l'innovation.
encourager qn à faire qch
Encourage-la à exprimer ses opinions.
Ils encouragent les garçons à faire preuve de plus de sens artistique.
inciter qn à faire qch
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to encourage
encourage spending, encourage consumption,
to encourage sb to do sth
to encourage sb to do sth
to encourage sb to do sth
sow the seeds of sthg ; encourage ; pave the way to
The mild climate encourages laziness.
"encourage": examples and translations in context
Therefore I encourage our colleague to continue— Alors, j'encourage notre collègue à continuer...
It is important to encourage this will, not least among the applicant countries. Il est important d'encourager cette volonté, notamment chez les pays candidats.
must educate people and encourage them to carpool, take the bus or ride a bike. et les encourager à choisir le covoiturage, à prendre l'autobus ou encore à se
Our task is to encourage and support voluntary organizations and foundations. Notre travail consiste à encourager et à soutenir les associations et les ONG.
(e) encourage the conclusion of co-production and co-distribution agreements. (e) encourager la conclusion d'accords de coproduction et de codistribution.
Third, the Government of Canada will encourage partnerships, at home and abroad. En troisième lieu, nous favoriserons les partenariats, au Canada et à l'étranger.
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