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      adv   d'autre  
something else      quelque chose d'autre, autre chose  
→ Would you like something else to eat?        
somebody else      quelqu'un d'autre  
somewhere else      ailleurs, autre part  
→ Have you ever thought of living somewhere else?        
anywhere else      autre part  
everywhere else      partout ailleurs  
→ The beach was crowded but everywhere else was very quiet.        
everyone else, everybody else      tous les autres  
→ Her main aim was to make sure that everyone else was happy.        
→ I don't like it, but everyone else does.        
nothing else      rien d'autre  
anything else, I don't want anything else.      Je ne veux rien d'autre.  
Would you like anything else?      Désirez-vous autre chose?  
Is there anything else I can do?      Est-ce que je peux faire quelque chose d'autre?  
→ Did he say anything else?        
nobody else      personne d'autre  
→ Nobody else uses words like that.        
what else?      quoi d'autre?  
→ What else did you do?        
→ What else did she say?        
where else?      à quel autre endroit?  
→ Where else did you go?        
little else      pas grand-chose d'autre  
→ They have a few basic possessions but little else.        
or else      (=otherwise)   sinon  
→ Evidently no lessons have been learnt, or else the government would not have handled the problem so badly.        
→ She couldn't have known we were coming, or else she would have waited.        
→ This time we really need to succeed or else people will start giving us funny looks.        
     (threatening)    ou alors  
→ Don't talk to me like that again, or else!        
if nothing else      au moins  
→ If nothing else, you'll really enjoy meeting them.        
→ We'll be able to go shopping, if nothing else.        
above all else      avant tout  
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else adv.

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