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   [+architect, designer]   plan    m     
→ a design for a new office block        
→ His design was rejected.        
   (=layout, shape)   conception    f     
→ the awkward design of the kitchen        
   [+product]   conception    f     
It's a completely new design.      C'est une conception entièrement nouvelle.  
   (=pattern)   motif    m  , motifs    mpl     
→ tableware decorated with a sunflower design        
→ curtains and wallpaper with the same design        
→ Transfer the design on to the tabletop by drawing the motif again        
a geometric design      un motif géométrique  
   (=model)   modèle    m     
→ a new design of clock        
   (=styling)   conception    f     
→ The shoes were of good design.        
   (=art)   design    m  , stylisme    m     
→ a mechanic with a flair for design        
→ graphic and industrial design        
    fashion design  
    industrial design  
   (=intention)   dessein    m     
by design      (=on purpose)   exprès, délibérément  
→ They met at first by chance, later by design.        
→ Did it happen by accident or by design?        
to have designs on sb      avoir des visées sur qn  
→ Harris had designs on Charlie's wife.        
to have designs on sth      avoir des visées sur qch  
→ Greece claimed it had no designs on the area.        
     [+machine]   dessiner  
→ They wanted to design a new sports car.        
  [+clothes]   créer  
→ Who designed the costumes?        
     [+plan, service]   concevoir  
→ We can design a course to suit your needs.        
to be designed for sb      (=aimed at)   être destiné (e)   à qn  
→ It's not designed for adults.        
to be designed to do sth      (=aimed at doing)   être conçu (e)   pour faire qch  
→ a project designed to help young people        
→ The tests are designed to assess students' mathematical ability.        

design brief  
      n   cahier    m   des charges  
→ The design brief was for a small affordable car to fit four people.        
→ The design brief I was given stated that the tables should be rectangular and made in European oak, with an emphasis based on function and quality.        
design fault  
      n   défaut    m   de conception  
design feature  
      n   attribut    m     
→ Try building cupboards at ceiling height and turning them into a design feature.        
→ A key design feature of the car are the rear doors which are hinged at the back.        
design flaw  
      n   défaut    m   de conception  
→ A design flaw with the aircraft caused the crash.        
fashion design  
      n   stylisme    m     
graphic design  
      n   graphisme    m     
    graphic design department  
graphic design department  
      n   département    m   de graphisme, département    m   graphisme  
industrial design  
      n   esthétique    f   industrielle  
interior design  
      n   architecture    f   d'intérieur  
→ She'd taken a course in interior design.        
page design  
      n   mise    f   en page  
→ You can check the layout, the page design, the fonts, and the graphics before printing        
→ You should pay attention to both your use of punctuation and page design        
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design ; conception
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