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as far as the eye can see adv.
à perte de vue

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Collaborative Dictionary     English-French
pour autant que je puisse en juger
autant que
pour autant que
dans la mesure du possible
autant que possible
dans la mesure du possible ; dans la mesure de mes moyens
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as far as the eye can see
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     (in expressions of distance)    loin  
→ He didn't hit the ball very far.        
Is it far?      Est-ce que c'est loin?  
Is it far to London?      Est-ce qu'on est loin de Londres?  
how far ...?, How far is it?      C'est à quelle distance?  
How far is it to Geneva?      Combien y a-t-il de kilomètres jusqu'à Genève?, Quelle est la distance d'ici à Genève?  
How far is Amity from here?      À quelle distance d'Amity sommes-nous?  
How far can you throw?      Jusqu'où peux-tu lancer?  
not far, It's not far.      Ce n'est pas loin.  
It's not far from here.      Ce n'est pas loin d'ici.  
It's not far from London.      Ce n'est pas loin de Londres.  
far away, far off      au loin, dans le lointain  
as far away as possible      le plus loin possible  
→ He sat as far away from the others as possible.        
far from        [+place]   loin de  
to be far from home      être loin de chez soi  
→ Both of my sisters moved even farther away from home ...        
as far as        [+place]   jusqu'à  
→ go as far as the church        
→ She followed the tracks as far as the road        
Go as far as the farm.      Allez jusqu'à la ferme.  
from far and wide      de partout  
→ People came from far and wide to visit the museum        
     (in comparisons; as intensifier)    [bigger, harder, longer, shorter]   beaucoup  
→ His new house is far bigger.        
→ Women who eat plenty of fresh vegetables are far less likely to suffer anxiety        
→ These trials are simply taking far too long        
far better      beaucoup mieux  
→ They played far better than us        
→ It would be far better to tell him the truth straight away        
→ I'm probably in a far better position to understand this than you are        
how far ...?, How far can he be trusted?      Jusqu'à quel point peut-on lui faire confiance?  
→ How far did the film tell the truth about Barnes Wallis?        
by far      de loin  
→ His expenses exceeded his income by far.        
→ She was by far the camp's best swimmer ...        
by far the biggest      de loin le plus gros  
→ By far the most important issue for them is unemployment        
far from, It's far from easy.      C'est loin d'être facile.  
→ His hands were far from clean.        
→ Much of what they recorded was far from the truth        
far from it      loin de là  
→ It is not that Irish Americans are ungenerous. Far from it.        
→ Being dyslexic does not mean that one is unintelligent. Far from it.        
far be it from me to criticize      loin de moi l'idée de critiquer  
→ Far be it from me to criticise, but shouldn't their mother take a share of the blame?        
far and away      de très loin  
→ This is far and away the most important point.        
→ Celtic are far and away the best team        
as far as possible      autant que possible, dans la mesure du possible  
→ ... he tried to fit in with her methods as far as possible ...        
→ As far as possible important business was left for the annual meeting        
→ We try as far as possible to keep away from subjective impressions, and make our interviews scientific and factually based        
→ The challenge now is to limit as far as possible the short-term damage.        
as far as I know      pour autant que je sache  
→ It only lasted a couple of years, as far as I know ...        
as far as I can see, as far as I can tell      pour autant que je puisse en juger  
as far as it goes      (=to a certain extent)   dans une certaine mesure  
→ The essay is fine as far as it goes, but you don't really tackle the central issues        
→ We can define a car as `a vehicle for transporting people from one place to another." Such a definition is accurate as far as it goes, but it doesn't tell you what a car looks like, how a car differs from a train or a bus, how a Ford differs from a Ferrari, or how a catalytic converter works        
That's true as far as it goes.      C'est vrai dans une certaine mesure.  
you're not far wrong!      tu n'es pas loin du compte!  
you can't go far wrong ...      tu ne peux pas te tromper ...  
→ If you use my chart as a guide, you won't go far wrong        
→ The younger players would certainly not go far wrong if they followed his example        
to go too far        (in comments, behaviour)    exagérer, aller trop loin  
→ Sometimes the press went too far and suffered accordingly ...        
→ the equality guardians went too far, leaving behind common sense in their pursuit of a fair society        
→ He can generally get away with wearing anything but I think he's gone too far this time.        
to go so far as to ...      aller jusqu'à ...  
→ The directors went so far as to stage actual killings ...        
He went so far as to resign.      Il est allé jusqu'à donner sa démission.  
to be far gone        (in a bad condition)    être dans un triste état  
→ Reagan was too far gone to attend        
→ Poor bastards. They're really far gone.        
     (in expressions of time)    if we look far into the future      Si nous envisageons l'avenir lointain  
far back, as far back as the 13th century      dès le 13e siècle  
→ ... conflicts whose roots lie far back in time        
far off, Christmas isn't far off.      Noël n'est pas loin.  
so far      (=up until now)   jusqu'ici  
→ So far only two bodies have been discovered.        
→ So far, they have met with no success        
so far, so good      pour l'instant, ça va  
thus far      (=up until now)   jusqu'ici  
→ China, thus far, has refused to comply with the accord.        
→ History has thus far proved him right        
→ Thus far, however, the military situation continues to favour the US.        
     (expressing progress)    How far have you got?      Où en êtes-vous?  
How far have you got with your work?      Où en êtes-vous dans votre travail?  
to go far      (=be successful)   aller loin  
→ That's a young girl who will go far!        
   the far side      l'autre côté  
→ A narrow path leads down into a valley and up the far side.        
the far end      l'autre bout  
→ He had wandered to the far end of the room ...        
at the far end      à l'autre bout  
at the far end of the room      à l'autre bout de la pièce  
the far north      l'extrême nord  
→ in the far north of Scotland        
the far left      l'extrême gauche    f     
the far right      l'extrême droite    f     
→ The far right is now a greater threat than the extreme left ...        

Far East  
the Far East      l'Extrême-Orient    m     
in the Far East      en Extrême-Orient  
to go to the Far East      aller en Extrême-Orient  
Far Eastern  
extrême-oriental (e)     
[economy, market]  
extrême-oriental (e)     
→ the collapse of Far Eastern markets        
[story, idea]  
tiré (e)   par les cheveux  
→ This all sounds very far-fetched        
reculé (e)     
→ Ferries are a lifeline to the far-flung corners of Scotland.        
→ ... one of the farthest-flung outposts of the old Roman Empire.        
a far-left group      un groupe d'extrême gauche  
     (distant from the present time)   
[time, days]  
lointain (e)     
→ In those far-off days it never entered anyone's mind that she could be Prime Minister ...        
     (distant in space)   
[place, galaxy]  
lointain (e)     
→ ... stars in far-off galaxies.        
far out   , far-out  
*   (=strange, extreme)   farfelu (e)     
→ Fantasies cannot harm you, no matter how bizarre or far out they are.        
[effects, consequences, implications]  
d'une portée considérable  
→ The decision is expected to have far reaching consequences around the world.        
→ ... technology with far-reaching effects on human society        
→ ... the far-reaching effects that eating the wrong sorts of food can have on your health        
[changes]   profond (e)     
→ The report outlines the most far-reaching changes in housing policy for 30 year        
[reforms]   de grande envergure  
→ his proposals for far-reaching reforms in the new tax        
a far-right group      un groupe d'extrême droite  
→ Anti-racist campaigners are urging the Government to ban all far-Right groups.        
prévoyant (e)     
[decision, legislation]  
prévoyant (e)     
→ the White House has welcomed the Chinese decision and described it as a far-sighted, significant step        
   (=long-sighted)   hypermétrope
Translation English - French Collins Dictionary  
"as far as the eye can see": examples and translations in context
It is so green and lush as far as the eye can see. Qu'elle est verte et luxuriante! À perte de vue!
Great fields of wheat as far as the eye can see. D'immenses champs de blé à perte de vue...
Nothing but abandoned opal mines as far as the eye can see. Il n'y a rien d'autre que des mines d'opale abandonnées à perte de vue.
So, all this is mine, by the way, as far as the eye can see. Tout ça, c'est à moi, à perte de vue.
This is Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and the Hemlocks are dead as far as the eye can see. Voici le parc national des Great Smoky Mountains, avec des pruches mortes à perte de vue.
Working at the lake, hot chicks in bikinis as far as the eye can see. Travailler au lac, des nanas en bikini comme s'il en pleuvait.
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