English-Dutch collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

B&B BA baby baby bottle baby carriage
baby carrier baby milk baby wipe baby's bottle babysit
babysitter babysitting bachelor bachelor party bachelorette party
back back back back back
back out back pain back up backache backbone
backfire background backing backpack backpacker
backpacking backside backslash backstroke backup
backwards backwards bacon bacteria bad
badge badger badly badminton bad-tempered
baffled bag baggage baggage allowance baggage cart
baggage claim baggage reclaim baggy bagpipes Bahamas
Bahrain bail bake baked baked potato
baked potato baker bakery baking baking powder
balance balance sheet balanced balcony bald
Balkan ball ballerina ballet ballet dancer
ballet shoes balloon ballpoint ballpoint pen ballpoint pen
ballroom dancing bamboo ban ban banana
band band bandage bandage Band-Aid®
Band-Aid® bang bang Bangladesh Bangladeshi
Bangladeshi bangs banister banjo bank
bank bank account bank balance bank charges bank holiday
bank statement banker banknote bankrupt banned
Baptist bar bar Barbados barbaric
barbecue barbed wire barber bare bare
bare barefoot barefoot barely bargain
barge bark barley barmaid barman
barn barrel barrier bartender bartender
bartender base baseball baseball cap baseboard
based basement bash bash basic
basically basics basil basin basis
basket basketball Basque Basque Basque
bass bass drum bassoon bat bat
bath bath towel bathe bathing suit bathing suit
bathrobe bathrobe bathroom bathroom baths
bathtub bathtub batter battery battle
battleship bay bay leaf BC be
beach bead beak beam bean
bean sprouts beansprouts bear bear bear up
beard bearded beat beat beat
beautiful beautifully beauty beauty parlor beauty salon

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