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      adj   , younger   , youngest  
a    having lived, existed, or been made or known for a relatively short time  
a young man, a young movement, a young country     
b    (as collective n; preceded by the)  
the young     
2    youthful or having qualities associated with youth; vigorous or lively  
she's very young for her age     
3    of or relating to youth  
in my young days     
4    having been established or introduced for a relatively short time  
a young member     
5    in an early stage of progress or development; not far advanced  
the day was young     
6      (Geography)  
a    (of mountains) formed in the Alpine orogeny and still usually rugged in outline  
b       another term for       youthful       4  
7    often cap   of or relating to a rejuvenated group or movement or one claiming to represent the younger members of the population, esp. one adhering to a political ideology  
Young England, Young Socialists     
8    functioning as pl   offspring, esp. young animals  
a rabbit with her young     
9    with young   (of animals) pregnant  
     (Old English geong; related to Old Saxon, Old High German iung, Old Norse ungr, Latin iuvenis, Sanskrit yuvan)  
  youngish      adj  

angry young man  
1    often caps   one of several British novelists and playwrights of the 1950s who shared a hostility towards the established traditions and ruling elements of their country  
2    any similarly rebellious person  
1    Brigham ('brɪgəm ). 1801--77, U.S. Mormon leader, who led the Mormon migration to Utah and founded Salt Lake City (1847)  
2    Edward. 1683--1765, English poet and dramatist, noted for his Night Thoughts on Life, Death, and Immortality (1742--45)  
3    Lester. 1909--59, U.S. saxophonist and clarinetist. He was a leading early exponent of the tenor saxophone in jazz  
4    Neil (Percival). born 1945, Canadian rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter. His albums include Harvest (1972), Rust Never Sleeps (1979), and Sleeps with Angels (1994)  
5    Thomas. 1773--1829, English physicist, physician, and Egyptologist. He helped to establish the wave theory of light by his experiments on optical interference and assisted in the decipherment of the Rosetta Stone  
young blood  
      n   young, fresh, or vigorous new people, ideas, attitudes, etc.  
Young Fogey  
      n   a young or fairly young person who adopts the conservative values of an older generation  
Young Ireland  
      n   a movement or party of Irish patriots in the 1840s who split with Daniel O'Connell because they favoured a more violent policy than that which he promoted  
young lady  
      n   a girlfriend; sweetheart  
young man  
      n   a boyfriend; sweetheart  
young offender institution  
      n   (in Britain) a place where offenders aged 15 to 21 may be detained and given training, instruction, and work,   (Former names)    borstal, youth custody centre  
Young Pretender  
      n      See (Charles Edward)       Stuart  
Young's modulus  
      n   a modulus of elasticity, applicable to the stretching of a wire etc., equal to the ratio of the applied load per unit area of cross section to the increase in length per unit length.,   (Symbol)    E  
     (C19: named after Thomas Young)  
Young Turk  
1    a progressive, revolutionary, or rebellious member of an organization, political party, etc., esp. one agitating for radical reform  
2    a member of an abortive reform movement in the Ottoman Empire, originally made up of exiles in W Europe who advocated liberal reforms. The movement fell under the domination of young Turkish army officers of a nationalist bent, who wielded great influence in the government between 1908 and 1918  
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trendy young woman
widely used in the 20's for women who looked and acted unconventionally (wore short skirts, "bob" haircut, were jazz fans, smoked and drank)
young woman who adopts a unconventional behavior and look
term largely used in the 20's to describe women who acted contrary to what was commonly expected by going out, drinking, smoking, dancing, wearing make-up etc.
handsome young man kept by a much older woman for the purpose of sexual favors and/or as a companion.
British slang
an ambitious woman who thinks her career really matters more than many things and is not willing to compromise on it
after woman delivery phase
Latin, Medical
belly of a pregnant woman
gestant woman before delivery phase
half woman half fish mythological creature
buttocks of (adult) woman
Slang; refers to a person's "bottom," in American English. A bit more polite than "ass," less clinical than "buttocks."
term used to describe a woman's legs
[Slang] E.g: She is pretty and has some great gams.
expression used to label someone as young and unexperienced
older woman having a relation with a younger man
attractive woman that you marry to show your success
in modern usage, especially among young people, also used disparagingly to mean 'rubbish' or 'ridiculous'
that is so gay: c'est nase
[in Thailand] young male transsexual (often a sex worker)
fan of Justin Bieber (young and very popular singer)
word coined in 2010, due to the very wide fan club of Justin Bieber, with a play on words : believer, lieber (dear in German)
a technology item that a young person no longer uses and hands over to an older person, after having purchased a last generation product
Someone (usually a young man) who tries unsuccessfully to be funny by making lame jokes and doing stupid things
US English, colloquial
Y generation ; young people becoming adult in the beginning of the 21st century
1. a fashion enthusiast; someone who sets or follows trends; 2. woman working in the fashion domain (as a designer, journalist, model etc.); 3. woman passionate about shopping;
a younger man involved in a relationship with an older woman
= the target of a "cougar"
a woman, generally in her twenties, who shows she is having a good time with her friends by shooting "WOO" ("HOO") usually in unison with other woo girls
stepmother is the woman who has married their father after the death or divorce of their mother.
1. shoot with a firearm using a type of cartridge that contains gunpowder but neither bullet nor pellet. 2. [slang][fig.] be infertile and unlikely to impregnate a woman (due to various issues such as a low sperm count)
1.The squaddies were training, shooting blanks 2.We had been trying to have a baby for ages until a series of fertility tests revealed I was shooting blanks.
Marriage between a man of royal or noble birth and a woman of lesser status, with the stipulation that wife and children have no claims to his titles or possessions or dignity. Still common at the beginning of the 20th C., the practice is now rare. Syn. Morganatic marriage, marriage of the left hand
[Hist.] So-called, because at the nuptial ceremony the husband gives his left hand to the bride, rather than his right, when saying, “I take thee for my wedded wife.”
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