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1    subordinating   used to introduce an indirect question or a clause after a verb expressing or implying doubt or choice in order to indicate two or more alternatives, the second or last of which is introduced by or or or whether  
he doesn't know whether she's in Britain or whether she's gone to France     
2    subordinating; often foll by: or not   used to introduce any indirect question  
he was not certain whether his friend was there or not     
3    coordinating      another word for       either       3  
any man, whether liberal or conservative, would agree with me     
4    coordinating  
Archaic   used to introduce a direct question consisting of two alternatives, the second of which is introduced by or or or whether  
whether does he live at home or abroad     
5    whether or no  
a       used as a conjunction as a variant of       whether       1  
b    under any circumstances  
he will be here tomorrow, whether or no     
6    whether...or (whether)   if on the one hand...or even if on the other hand  
you'll eat that, whether you like it or not     
7    Obsolete   which (of two): used in direct or indirect questions  
     (Old English hwæther, hwether; related to Old Frisian hweder, hoder, Old High German hwedar, Old Norse hvatharr, hvarr, Gothic hwathar)  
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