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wheel and axle


      n   a simple machine for raising weights in which a rope unwinding from a wheel is wound onto a cylindrical drum or shaft coaxial with or joined to the wheel to provide mechanical advantage  
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1    a solid disc, or a circular rim joined to a hub by radial or tangential spokes, that is mounted on a shaft about which it can turn, as in vehicles and machines  
2    anything like a wheel in shape or function  
3    a device consisting of or resembling a wheel or having a wheel as its principal component  
a steering wheel, a water wheel     
4    usually preceded by: the   a medieval torture consisting of a wheel to which the victim was tied and then had his limbs struck and broken by an iron bar  
5       short for       wheel of fortune       potter's wheel  
6    the act of turning  
7    a pivoting movement of troops, ships, etc.  
8    a type of firework coiled to make it rotate when let off  
9    a set of short rhyming lines, usually four or five in number, forming the concluding part of a stanza  
   Compare       bob   2       7  
10    the disc in which the ball is spun in roulette  
11      (U.S. and Canadian)      an informal word for       bicycle  
12    Archaic   a refrain  
13    Informal     (chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   a person of great influence (esp. in the phrase big wheel)  
14    at the wheel  
a    driving or steering a vehicle or vessel  
b    in charge  
15    when intr sometimes foll by: about or round   to turn or cause to turn on or as if on an axis  
16    to move or cause to move on or as if on wheels; roll  
17    tr   to perform with or in a circular movement  
18    tr   to provide with a wheel or wheels  
19    intr; often foll by: about   to change one's mind or opinion  
20    wheel and deal  
Informal   to be a free agent, esp. to advance one's own interests,   (See also)        wheels  
     (Old English hweol, hweowol; related to Old Norse hvel, Greek kuklos, Middle Low German wel, Dutch wiel)  
  wheel-less      adj  

balance wheel  
      n   a wheel oscillating against the hairspring of a timepiece, thereby regulating its beat  
big wheel  
1       another name for a       Ferris wheel  
2    Informal   an important person  
buffing wheel  
      n   a wheel covered with a soft material, such as lamb's wool or leather, used for shining and polishing,   (Also called)    buff wheel  
Catherine wheel  
1      (Also called)    pinwheel   a type of firework consisting of a powder-filled spiral tube, mounted with a pin through its centre. When lit it rotates quickly, producing a display of sparks and coloured flame  
2    a circular window having ribs radiating from the centre  
     (C16: named after St Catherine of Alexandria)  
chain wheel  
      n     (Engineering)   a toothed wheel that meshes with a roller chain to transmit motion  
crown wheel  
1      (Horology)   the wheel next to the winding knob that has one set of teeth at right angles to the other  
2    the larger of the two gears in a bevel gear  
disc wheel  
      n   a road wheel of a motor vehicle that has a round pressed disc in place of spokes  
   Compare       wire wheel  
driving wheel  
1    a wheel, esp. a gear wheel, that causes other wheels to rotate  
2    any wheel of a vehicle that transforms torque into a tractive force  
emery wheel  
      n   a grinding or polishing wheel the surface of which is coated with abrasive emery particles  
epicycloidal wheel  
      n   one of the planetary gears of an epicyclic train  
escape wheel  
      n     (Horology)   a toothed wheel that engages intermittently with a balance wheel or pendulum, causing the mechanism to oscillate and thereby moving the hands of a clock or watch. Also called: scapewheel.  
Ferris wheel  
      n   a fairground wheel having seats freely suspended from its rim; the seats remain horizontal throughout its rotation  
     (C19: named after G.W.G. Ferris (1859--96), American engineer)  
fifth wheel  
1    a spare wheel for a four-wheeled vehicle  
2    a steering bearing that enables the front axle of a horse-drawn vehicle to rotate relative to the body  
3    a superfluous or unnecessary person or thing  
four-wheel drive  
      n   a system used in motor vehicles in which all four wheels are connected to the source of power  
grinding wheel  
      n   an abrasive wheel, usually a composite of hard particles in a resin filler, used for grinding  
idle wheel  
      n   a gearwheel interposed between two others to transmit torque without changing the direction of rotation to the velocity ratio,   (Also called)    idler  
nose wheel  
      n   a wheel fitted to the forward end of a vehicle, esp. the landing wheel under the nose of an aircraft  
paddle wheel  
      n   a large wheel fitted with paddles, turned by an engine to propel a vessel on the water  
Pelton wheel  
      n   a type of impulse turbine in which specially shaped buckets mounted on the perimeter of a wheel are struck by a fast-flowing water jet  
     (C19: named after L. A. Pelton (1829--1908), US engineer who invented it)  
planet wheel   , gear  
      n   any one of the wheels of an epicyclic gear train that orbits the central axis of the train  
potter's wheel  
      n   a device with a horizontal rotating disc, on which clay is shaped into pots, bowls, etc., by hand  
prayer wheel  
      n     (Buddhism)   (esp. in Tibet) a wheel or cylinder inscribed with or containing prayers, each revolution of which is counted as an uttered prayer, so that such prayers can be repeated by turning it  
spinning wheel  
      n   a wheel-like machine for spinning at home, having one hand- or foot-operated spindle  
steering wheel  
      n   a wheel turned by the driver of a motor vehicle, ship, etc., when he wishes to change direction. It is connected to the front wheels, rudder, etc.  
stitch wheel  
      n   a notched wheel used by a harness maker to mark out the spacing for stitching  
tail wheel  
      n   a wheel fitted to the rear of a vehicle, esp. the landing wheel under the tail of an aircraft  
water wheel  
1    a simple water-driven turbine consisting of a wheel having vanes set axially across its rim, used to drive machinery  
2    a wheel with buckets attached to its rim for raising water from a stream, pond, etc.  
wheel and axle  
      n   a simple machine for raising weights in which a rope unwinding from a wheel is wound onto a cylindrical drum or shaft coaxial with or joined to the wheel to provide mechanical advantage  
wheel animalcule  
      n      another name for       rotifer  
wheel bug  
      n   a large predatory North American heteropterous insect, Arilus cristatus, having a semicircular thoracic projection: family Reduviidae (assassin bugs)  
wheel clamp  
      n   a device fixed onto one wheel of an illegally parked car in order to immobilize it. The driver has to pay to have it removed  
wheel horse  
1       another word for       wheeler       1  
2      (U.S. and Canadian)   a person who works steadily or hard  
wheel lock  
1    a gunlock formerly in use in which the firing mechanism was activated by sparks produced by friction between a small steel wheel and a flint  
2    a gun having such a lock  
wheel man  
1    a cyclist  
2      (Also called)    wheelsman     (U.S.)   a helmsman  
wheel of fortune  
      n   (in mythology and literature) a revolving device spun by a deity of fate selecting random changes in the affairs of man,   (Often shortened to)    wheel  
wheel window  
      n      another name for       rose window  
wheel wobble  
      n   an oscillation of the front wheels of a vehicle caused by a defect in the steering gear, unbalanced wheels, etc.  
wire wheel  
1    a wheel in which the rim is held to the hub by wire spokes, esp. one used on a sports car  
   Compare       disc wheel  
2    a power-driven rotary wire brush for scaling or burnishing  

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1    circle, gyration, pivot, revolution, roll, rotation, spin, turn, twirl, whirl  
2    at the wheel      at the helm, driving, in charge, in command, in control, in the driving seat, steering  
3    circle, gyrate, orbit, pirouette, revolve, roll, rotate, spin, swing, swivel, turn, twirl, whirl  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
launch the process, launch the project, make sure that progress is under way
a prank on Twitter consisting of posting a link to a picture of a duck on wheels
word used to describe the sound made by the wheels of a train
by extension, it can be applied to other rhythmic similar sounds (for example, the sound of a clock or of a typing machine)
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