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1    a measure of the heaviness of an object; the amount anything weighs  
2      (Physics)   the vertical force experienced by a mass as a result of gravitation. It equals the mass of the body multiplied by the acceleration of free fall. Its units are units of force (such as newtons or poundals) but is often given as a mass unit (kilogram or pound).,   (Symbol)    W  
3    a system of units used to express the weight of a substance  
troy weight     
4    a unit used to measure weight  
the kilogram is the weight used in the metric system     
5    any mass or heavy object used to exert pressure or weigh down  
6    an oppressive force  
the weight of cares     
7    any heavy load  
the bag was such a weight     
8    the main or greatest force: preponderance  
the weight of evidence     
9    importance, influence, or consequence  
his opinion carries weight     
10      (Statistics)   one of a set of coefficients assigned to items of a frequency distribution that are analysed in order to represent the relative importance of the different items  
11      (Printing)   the apparent blackness of a printed typeface  
12    Slang   a pound of a drug, esp. cannabis  
13    pull one's weight  
Informal   to do one's full or proper share of a task  
14    throw one's weight around  
Informal   to act in an overauthoritarian or aggressive manner  
      vb   tr  
15    to add weight to  
16    to burden or oppress  
17    to add importance, value, etc., to one side rather than another; bias; favour  
a law weighted towards landlords     
18      (Statistics)   to attach a weight or weights to  
19    to make (fabric, threads, etc.) heavier by treating with mineral substances, etc.  
     (Old English wiht; related to Old Frisian, Middle Dutch wicht, Old Norse vett, German Gewicht)  
  weighter      n  

apothecaries' weight  
      n   a system of weights formerly used in pharmacy based on the Troy ounce, which contains 480 grains. 1 grain is equal to 0.065 gram  
atomic weight  
      n      the former name for       relative atomic mass     (Abbrev.)    at. wt  
balance weight  
      n     (Engineering)   a weight used in machines to counterbalance a part, as of a crankshaft,   (Also called)    bobweight  
bow weight  
      n     (Archery)   the poundage required to draw a bow to the full length of the arrow  
dead weight  
1    a heavy weight or load  
2    an oppressive burden; encumbrance  
3    the difference between the loaded and the unloaded weights of a ship  
4       another name for       dead load  
5    (in shipping) freight chargeable by weight rather than by bulk  
equivalent weight  
      n   the weight of an element or compound that will combine with or displace 8 grams of oxygen or 1.007 97 grams of hydrogen,   (Also called)    gram equivalent  
gross weight  
      n   total weight of an article inclusive of the weight of the container and packaging  
kerb weight  
      n   the weight of a motor car without occupants, luggage, etc.  
molecular weight  
      n      the former name for       relative molecular mass  
sash weight  
      n   a weight used to counterbalance the weight of a sliding sash in a sash window and thus hold it in position at any height  
size-weight illusion  
      n   a standard sense illusion that a small object is heavier than a large object of the same weight  
throw weight  
      n   the maximum weight of supplementary mechanisms that can be lifted by the boost stages of a particular missile  
troy weight   , troy  
      n   a system of weights used for precious metals and gemstones, based on the grain, which is identical to the avoirdupois grain. 24 grains = 1 pennyweight; 20 pennyweights = 1 (troy) ounce; 12 ounces = 1 (troy) pound  
     (C14: named after the city of Troyes, France, where it was first used)  
weight training  
      n   physical exercise involving lifting weights to improve muscle performance  
weight watcher  
      n   a person who tries to lose weight, esp. by dieting  
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is a test process that is performed after the software has been changed in order to verify if the changes didn't affect other software parts
Eddy current Test
Non destructive test method, abreviation in accordance with norm EN4179 or NAS410
Radiographic Test
Non destructive test method, abreviation in accordance with norm EN4179 or NAS410
Penetrate Test
Non destructive test method, abreviation in accordance with norm EN4179 or NAS410
Magnetic Test
Non destructive test method, abreviation in accordance with norm EN4179 or NAS410
Ultrasonic Test
Non destructive test method, abreviation in accordance with norm EN4179 or NAS410
an exercise consisting in controlled downward and/or forward movement, used for weight training
tempting someone with promise of reward (an attractive person in general) to reveal information or to test one's partner loyalty, faithfulness : can be for lovers, business partners, espionage
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