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1    performed, undertaken, or brought about by free choice, willingly, or without being asked  
a voluntary donation     
2    (of persons) serving or acting in a specified function of one's own accord and without compulsion or promise of remuneration  
a voluntary social worker     
3    done by, composed of, or functioning with the aid of volunteers  
a voluntary association     
4    endowed with, exercising, or having the faculty of willing  
a voluntary agent     
5    arising from natural impulse; spontaneous  
voluntary laughter     
6      (Law)  
a    acting or done without legal obligation, compulsion, or persuasion  
b    made without payment or recompense in any form  
a voluntary conveyance     
7    (of the muscles of the limbs, neck, etc.) having their action controlled by the will  
8    maintained or provided by the voluntary actions or contributions of individuals and not by the state  
voluntary schools, the voluntary system     
      n   pl   , -taries  
9      (Music)   a composition or improvisation, usually for organ, played at the beginning or end of a church service  
10    work done without compulsion  
11    Obsolete   a volunteer, esp. in an army  
     (C14: from Latin voluntarius, from voluntas will, from velle to wish)  
  voluntarily      adv  
  voluntariness      n  

Voluntary Aid Detachment  
      n   (in World War I) an organization of British women volunteers who assisted in military hospitals and ambulance duties,   (Abbrev.)    VAD  
voluntary arrangement  
      n     (Law)   a procedure enabling an insolvent company to come to an arrangement with its creditors and resolve its financial problems, often in compliance with a court order  
voluntary retailer  
      n      another name for       symbol retailer  
Women's Royal Voluntary Service  
      n   a British auxiliary service organized in 1938 as the Women's Voluntary Service for work in air raids and civil defence: active throughout World War II and since 1945 in providing support services for those in need: became the Women's Royal Voluntary Service in 1966,   (Abbrev.)    WRVS  
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done because you want to
[US] i did the proyect voluntary to improve my grade
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