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1    (of a colour) very bright; having a very high saturation or purity; produced by a pure or almost pure colouring agent  
2    brilliantly coloured  
vivid plumage     
3    conveying to the mind striking realism, freshness, or trueness to life; graphic  
a vivid account     
4    (of a recollection, memory, etc.) remaining distinct in the mind  
5    (of the imagination, etc.) prolific in the formation of lifelike images  
6    making a powerful impact on the emotions or senses  
a vivid feeling of shame     
7    uttered, operating, or acting with vigour  
vivid expostulations     
8    full of life or vitality  
a vivid personality     
     (C17: from Latin vividus animated, from vivere to live)  
  vividly      adv  
  vividness      n  
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1    bright, brilliant, clear, colourful, glowing, intense, rich  
2    distinct, dramatic, graphic, highly-coloured, lifelike, memorable, powerful, realistic, sharp, sharply-etched, stirring, strong, telling, true to life  
3    active, animated, dynamic, energetic, expressive, flamboyant, lively, quick, spirited, striking, strong, vigorous  
   colourless, cool, drab, dull, lifeless, nondescript, ordinary, pale, pastel, quiet, routine, run-of-the-mill, sombre, unclear, unmemorable, unremarkable, vague  

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