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1    essential to maintain life  
the lungs perform a vital function     
2    forceful, energetic, or lively  
a vital person     
3    of, relating to, having, or displaying life  
a vital organism     
4    indispensable or essential  
books vital to this study     
5    of great importance; decisive  
a vital game     
6    Archaic   influencing the course of life, esp. negatively  
a vital treachery     
7    pl  
a    the bodily organs, such as the brain, liver, heart, lungs, etc., that are necessary to maintain life  
b    the organs of reproduction, esp. the male genitals  
8    pl   the essential elements of anything  
     (C14: via Old French from Latin vitalis belonging to life, from vita life)  
  vitally      adv  

élan vital     (French)  
      n   a creative principle held by Henri Bergson to be present in all organisms and responsible for evolution  
   Compare       Bergsonism  
     (literally: vital impetus)  
vital capacity  
      n     (Physiol)   the volume of air that can be exhaled from the lungs after the deepest possible breath has been taken: a measure of lung function  
vital force  
      n   (esp. in early biological theory) a hypothetical force, independent of physical and chemical forces, regarded as being the causative factor of the evolution and development of living organisms  
vital signs  
      pl n     (Med)   indications that a person is still alive. Vital signs include a heartbeat, a pulse that can be felt, breathing, and body temperature  
vital staining  
      n   the technique of treating living cells and tissues with dyes that do not immediately kill them, facilitating observation under a microscope  
vital statistics  
      pl n  
1    quantitative data concerning human life or the conditions and aspects affecting it, such as the death rate  
2    Informal   the measurements of a woman's bust, waist, and hips  
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(Medical) repetitive fits or crises : sign of vital distress
Status epilepticus, asthmiticus
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