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1    capable of being perceived by the eye  
2    capable of being perceived by the mind; evident  
no visible dangers     
3    available  
the visible resources     
4    (of an index or file) using a flexible display system for the contents  
5    of or relating to the balance of trade  
visible transactions     
6    represented by visible symbols  
7    a visible item of trade; product  
     (C14: from Latin visibilis, from videre to see)  
  visibleness      n  
  visibly      adv  

visible balance  
      n      another name for       balance of trade  
visible radiation  
      n   electromagnetic radiation that causes the sensation of sight; light. It has wavelengths between about 380 and 780 nanometres  
visible speech  
      n   a system of phonetic notation invented by Alexander Melville Bell (1819--1905) that utilized symbols based on the schematic representation of the articulations used for each speech sound  
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able to be seen
[US] Ex.: the car in front of us was visible because we had the lights on
The specular reflection of light from the surface of an eye in a photograph visible as a bright white spot on the eye.
The separate lights of the studio flash kit should be positioned so that the portrait exhibits only one catchlight per eye.


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