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1    without any contents; empty  
2    postpositive; foll by: of   devoid (of something specified)  
3    having no incumbent; unoccupied  
a vacant post     
4    having no tenant or occupant  
a vacant house     
5    characterized by or resulting from lack of thought or intelligent awareness  
a vacant stare     
6    (of time, etc.) not allocated to any activity  
a vacant hour in one's day     
7    spent in idleness or inactivity  
a vacant life     
8      (Law)   (of an estate, etc.) having no heir or claimant  
     (C13: from Latin vacare to be empty)  
  vacantly      adv  
  vacantness      n  

vacant possession  
      n   ownership of an unoccupied house or property, any previous owner or tenant having departed  
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