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1    the condition of being unemployed  
2    the number of unemployed workers, often as a percentage of the total labour force  

cyclical unemployment  
      n   unemployment caused by fluctuations in the level of economic activity inherent in trade cycles  
frictional unemployment  
      n   those people who are in the process of moving from one job to another and who therefore appear in the unemployment statistics collected at any given time  
natural rate of unemployment  
      n      another name for       NAIRU  
residual unemployment  
      n   the unemployment that remains in periods of full employment, as a result of those mentally, physically, or emotionally unfit to work  
structural unemployment  
      n     (Economics)   unemployment resulting from changes in the structure of an industry as a result of changes in either technology or taste  
unemployment benefit  
1    (in Britain, formerly) a regular payment to a person who is out of work: replaced by jobseeker's allowance in 1996,   (Informal term)    dole  
2    (in New Zealand) a means-tested monetary benefit paid weekly by the Social Security Department to the unemployed  
unemployment compensation  
      n   (in the U.S.) payment by a governmental agency to unemployed people  
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