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1    tr   to throw lightly or with a flourish, esp. with the palm of the hand upwards  
2    to fling or be flung about, esp. constantly or regularly in an agitated or violent way  
a ship tosses in a storm     
3    to discuss or put forward for discussion in an informal way  
4    tr   (of an animal such as a horse) to throw (its rider)  
5    tr   (of an animal) to butt with the head or the horns and throw into the air  
the bull tossed the matador     
6    tr   to shake, agitate, or disturb  
7    to toss up a coin with (someone) in order to decide or allot something  
I'll toss you for it, let's toss for it     
8    intr   to move away angrily or impatiently  
she tossed out of the room     
9    an abrupt movement  
10    a rolling or pitching motion  
11    the act or an instance of tossing  
12    the act of tossing up a coin  
   See       toss-up  
13    argue the toss   to wrangle or dispute at length  
14    a fall from a horse or other animal  
15    give a toss  
Slang   to be concerned or interested (esp. in the phrase not give a toss)  
     (C16: of Scandinavian origin; related to Norwegian, Swedish tossa to strew)  

full toss   , full pitch  
      n     (Cricket)   a bowled ball that reaches the batsman without bouncing  
      n   a game of skill and chance in which the player who pitches a coin nearest to a mark has the first chance to toss all the coins, winning those that land heads up  
toss off  
      vb   adv  
1    tr   to perform, write, consume, etc., quickly and easily  
he tossed off a letter to Jim     
2    tr   to drink quickly at one draught  
3    intr     (Brit)  
taboo   to masturbate  
toss up  
      vb   adv  
1    to spin (a coin) in the air in order to decide between alternatives by guessing which side will fall uppermost  
2    tr   to prepare (food) quickly  
3    an instance of tossing up a coin  
4    Informal   an even chance or risk; gamble  
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