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1      (Angling)  
a    to draw (a baited line, etc.) through the water, often from a boat  
b    to fish (a stretch of water) by trolling  
c    to fish (for) by trolling  
2    to roll or cause to roll  
3    Archaic   to sing (a refrain, chorus, etc.) or (of a refrain, etc.) to be sung in a loud hearty voice  
4    intr     (Brit)  
informal   to walk or stroll  
5    intr  
Homosexual slang   to stroll around looking for sexual partners; cruise  
6    the act or an instance of trolling  
7      (Angling)   a bait or lure used in trolling, such as a spinner  
     (C14: from Old French troller to run about; related to Middle High German trollen to run with short steps)  
  troller      n  
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troll          [2]  
      n   (in Scandinavian folklore) one of a class of supernatural creatures that dwell in caves or mountains and are depicted either as dwarfs or as giants  
     (C19: from Old Norse: demon; related to Danish trold)  

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