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      vb   , -els, -elling, -elled  
     (U.S.)   , -els, -eling, -eled   mainly intr  
1    to go, move, or journey from one place to another  
he travels to improve his mind, she travelled across France     
2    tr   to go, move, or journey through or across (an area, region, etc.)  
he travelled the country     
3    to go, move, or cover a specified or unspecified distance  
4    to go from place to place as a salesman  
to travel in textiles     
5    (esp. of perishable goods) to withstand a journey  
6    (of light, sound, etc.) to be transmitted or move  
the sound travelled for miles     
7    to progress or advance  
8      (Basketball)   to take an excessive number of steps while holding the ball  
9    (of part of a mechanism) to move in a fixed predetermined path  
10    Informal   to move rapidly  
that car certainly travels     
11    often foll by: with  
Informal   to be in the company (of); associate  
a    the act of travelling  
b    (as modifier)  
a travel brochure         Related adj       itinerant  
13    usually pl   a tour or journey  
14    the distance moved by a mechanical part, such as the stroke of a piston  
15    movement or passage  
     (C14 travaillen to make a journey, from Old French travaillier to travail)  

travel agency   , bureau  
      n   an agency that arranges and negotiates flights, holidays, etc., for travellers  
  travel agent      n  
      adj   nauseated from riding in a moving vehicle  
  travel-sickness      n  
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device combining the features of a smartphone and a tablet, with a size in the middle
[Bus.];[Comp.] like Samsung Galaxy Note
have similar qualities or a similar size, position etc to something else
When I was in the 8th grade in Japan, I broke down my right hand, so I needed to write everything by my left hand and my left hand writing did not correspond to my right one.
taille ton manteau selon ton drap
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