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a    the process of bringing a person, etc., to an agreed standard of proficiency, etc., by practice and instruction  
training for the priesthood, physical training     
b    (as modifier)  
training college     
2    in training  
a    undergoing physical training  
b    physically fit  
3    out of training   physically unfit  

Adult Training Centre  
      n     (Social welfare)   a day centre, run by a local authority, for mentally handicapped people to gain work experience  
autogenic training  
      n   a technique for reducing stress through mental exercises to produce physical relaxation,   (Also called)    autogenics  
circuit training  
      n   a form of athletic training in which a number of exercises are performed in turn  
cross training  
      n   training in two or more sports to improve performance, esp. on one's main sport  
interval training  
      n   a method of athletic training using alternate sprinting and jogging,   (Also called)    fartlek  
toilet training  
      n   the process of teaching young children to control the timing of bladder and bowel movements and to use the lavatory  
Training Agency  
      n   (in Britain) an organization established in 1989 to replace the Training Commission, which itself replaced the Manpower Services Commission; it provides training and retraining for adult workers and operates the Youth Training Scheme, in England and Wales working through the local Training and Enterprise Councils (TECs) and in Scotland through the Local Enterprise Companies (LECs) set up in 1990  
training shoes  
      pl n  
1    running shoes for sports training, esp. in contrast to studded or spiked shoes worn for the sport itself  
2    shoes in the style of those used for sports training,   (Also called)    trainers  
weight training  
      n   physical exercise involving lifting weights to improve muscle performance  
Youth Training Scheme  
      n   (formerly, in Britain) a scheme, run by the Training Agency, to provide vocational training for unemployed 16--17-year-olds,   (Abbrev.)    YTS  
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Ground Zero mosque
acronym coined in 2010 based on the controversy of building a mosque on the site where the Twin Towers were before 9/11
calcium carbonate
an exercise consisting in controlled downward and/or forward movement, used for weight training
1. [Comp.] a device that once plugged in is automatically recognized by the system and launches the expected process without any action on the user's side; 2. [Bus.] a new employee who is able to start work without too much induction and training
[Comp.];[Bus.] can be used as both noun and adjective: plug and play device; plug and play employee or simply plug and play (noun)
training or Intensive Care in out hospital Intensive care setting
Medical term; See also Mobile Intensive Care Unit
to make a hole in ground, with a spade for example
distinctive scent that accompanies the rain and rises up from the ground especially after a period of warm and dry weather
Ex.: And we could smell the scent of wheat and petrichor rising up in the air as a silent clamour.
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