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tout à fait

      adv   completely; absolutely  
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1    to solicit (business, customers, etc.) or hawk (merchandise), esp. in a brazen way  
2    intr  
a    to spy on racehorses being trained in order to obtain information for betting purposes  
b    to sell, or attempt to sell, such information or to take bets, esp. in public places  
3    tr  
Informal   to recommend flatteringly or excessively  
a    a person who spies on racehorses so as to obtain betting information to sell  
b    a person who sells information obtained by such spying  
5    a person who solicits business in a brazen way  
6      (Also called)    ticket tout   a person who sells tickets unofficially for a heavily booked sporting event, concert, etc., at greatly inflated prices  
7      (Northern Ireland)   a police informer  
     (C14 (in the sense: to peer, look out): related to Old English tytan to peep out)  
  touter      n  

ticket tout  
      n      See       tout       6  
tout à fait     (French)  
      adv   completely; absolutely  
tout court     (French)  
      adv   simply; briefly  
tout de suite     (French)  
      adv   at once; immediately  
tout ensemble     (French)  
1    everything considered; all in all  
2    the total impression or effect  
tout le monde     (French)  
      n   all the world; everyone  

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1    bark     (U.S. informal)   canvass, drum up, solicit, spiel  
2      (informal)   approve, commend, endorse, praise, promote, recommend, speak well of, support, tip, urge  
3    barker, canvasser, solicitor, spieler  
4    tipster  

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