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a    an implement, such as a hammer, saw, or spade, that is used by hand  
b    a power-driven instrument; machine tool  
c    (in combination)  
a toolkit     
2    the cutting part of such an instrument  
a    any of the instruments used by a bookbinder to impress a design on a book cover  
b    a design so impressed  
4    anything used as a means of performing an operation or achieving an end  
he used his boss's absence as a tool for gaining influence     
5    a person used to perform dishonourable or unpleasant tasks for another  
6    a necessary medium for or adjunct to one's profession  
numbers are the tools of the mathematician's trade     
7    Taboo slang      another word for       penis  
8      (Brit)      an underworld slang word for       gun  
9    to work, cut, shape, or form (something) with a tool or tools  
10    tr   to decorate (a book cover) with a bookbinder's tool  
11    tr; often foll by: up   to furnish with tools  
12    when intr, often foll by: along   to drive (a vehicle) or (of a vehicle) to be driven, esp. in a leisurely or casual style  
     (Old English tol; related to Old Norse tol weapon, Old English tawian to prepare; see taw2)  
  tooler      n  
  tool-less      adj  

chopper tool  
      n   a core tool of flint or stone, with a transverse cutting edge, characteristic of cultures in Asia and parts of the Middle East and Europe  
edge tool  
      n   a tool with one or more cutting edges  
machine tool  
      n   a power-driven machine, such as a lathe, miller, or grinder, that is used for cutting, shaping, and finishing metals or other materials  
  machine-tooled      adj  
percussion tool  
      n   a power driven tool which operates by striking rapid blows: the power may be electricity or compressed air  
pitching tool  
      n   a masonry chisel for rough work  
power tool  
      n   a tool powered by electricity  
tint tool  
      n   a kind of burin used in wood engraving for carving lines of even thickness, as in hatching  
      n   a person who specializes in the production or reconditioning of precision tools, cutters, etc.  
  tool-making      n  
tool post  
      n   the rigid holding device which holds the cutting tool on a lathe and some other machine tools  
tool pusher  
      n   a foreman who supervises drilling operations on an oil rig  
tool shed  
      n   a small shed in the garden or yard of a house used for storing tools, esp. those for gardening  
tool steel  
      n   any of various steels whose hardness and ability to retain a cutting edge make them suitable for use in tools for cutting wood and metal  
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1    apparatus, appliance, contraption, contrivance, device, gadget, implement, instrument, machine, utensil  
2    agency, agent, intermediary, means, medium, vehicle, wherewithal  
3    cat's-paw, creature, dupe, flunkey, hireling, jackal, lackey, minion, pawn, puppet, stooge     (slang)  
4    chase, cut, decorate, ornament, shape, work  

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to be a tool exp.
to be unable to think for oneself
used in a condescending way

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person or tool who creates or translates subtitles
A specific technical worksheet tool with performer's requirements. Excellent start of negotiations between performers, managers and contractors. (These requirements might include sound and light conditions for the show, food lodging and transportation of artistic talents)
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