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1    a facial expression characterized by an upturning of the corners of the mouth, usually showing amusement, friendliness, etc., but sometimes scorn, etc.  
2    favour or blessing  
the smile of fortune     
3    an agreeable appearance  
4    intr   to wear or assume a smile  
5    intr; foll by: at  
a    to look (at) with a kindly or amused expression  
b    to look derisively (at) instead of being annoyed  
c    to bear (troubles, etc.) patiently  
6    intr; foll by: on or upon   to show approval; bestow a blessing  
7    tr   to express by means of a smile  
she smiled a welcome     
8    tr; often foll by: away   to drive away or change by smiling  
smile away one's tears     
9    come up smiling   to recover cheerfully from misfortune  
     (C13: probably of Scandinavian origin; compare Swedish smila, Danish smile; related to Middle High German smielen)  
  smiler      n  
  smiling      adj  
  smilingly      adv  
  smilingness      n  
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