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      vb      a variant of       inquire  
  enquirer      n  
   enquiry             n  
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to concentrate and to sacrifice
update sb.
Did you hear what happened? - No, fill me in, please.
to have sexual intercourse with sb
adv. adj.
looking good; having a look that was obviously well taken care of.
e.g a very well put together woman (adj.) You look well put together (adj.)
put a stop to something
to take OR bring somebody down a notch means to make them behave less arrogantly or proudly.
mislead someone; deliberately provide wrong information to forbid someone from knowing the truth
E.g.: They are no longer in town, but hey left their car in front of the house just to put everybody off the scent.
in American English, 'dirt' is what British people call 'soil' ('put some dirt in a plant pot'). In British English, dirt has the connotation of being dirty ('you've got some dirt on your shoe')
A formal word that is put in the beginning of sentence that has a similar meaning to furthermore, therefore, and from now on
I like ice-cream; Hence, I have lots of ice-cream cups in my fridge
has been put in a place where everybody can see it.
There are many kinds of species on display in the zoo,lets go and visit there.
to look for or expose information about a person's past, usually bad, and to therefore bring that person down or put them in a bad light
mettre la charrue devant les boeufs
à l'aventure met_on ses oeufs à couver
do something which puts you in a very difficult situation and limits the way that you can act
à tas de blé, le rat s'y met; et à l'argent les procès
autant pèche celui qui tient le sac que celui qui met dedans
entre l'enclume et le marteau, il ne faut pas mettre le doigt
aux mois qui sont écrits en <<R>>, il faut mettre de l'eau dans son verre
celui qui pose une question est bête cinq minutes, celui qui n'en pose pas l'est toute sa vie
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