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      vb   , jogs, jogging, jogged  
1    intr   to run or move slowly or at a jog trot, esp. for physical exercise  
2    intr; foll by: on or along   to continue in a plodding way  
3    tr   to jar or nudge slightly; shake lightly  
4    tr   to remind; stimulate  
please jog my memory     
5    tr     (Printing)   to even up the edges of (a stack of paper); square up  
6    the act of jogging  
7    a slight jar or nudge  
8    a jogging motion; trot  
     (C14: probably variant of shog to shake, influenced by dialect jot to jolt)  
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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
to lose one's temper
very familiar
go for something, take one's chances
neighborhood considered dangerous, where it's not recommended to go, especially as an outsider
1. to stop using an addictive substance abruptly and completely. 2. to undergo sudden and complete withdrawal from a habitual activity or behavior pattern. 3. to begin or do something without planning, preparation, or practice.
go crazy about something, get enthusiastic
go to the extreme; do everything that could be done; exhaust all possibilities and resources
to be lost
he went missing my dog went missing for three days
face a specific situation; act in a certain way
E.g.: John went out of rehab a few days ago and he is determined to not go down that road again.
go fast, move very quickly
deteriorate very quickly
go out in the street to protest
go crazy; get angry; lose self-control
E.g.: I will lose it if we keep listening to this song.
let the time go by without doing something important, relax, waste time
E.g.: It was a quite evening: we sat around chatting and watching TV.
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