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      vb   usually tr  
1    to make secure or permanent in a certain place, condition, job, etc.  
to establish one's usefulness, to establish a house     
2    to create or set up (an organization, etc.) on or as if on a permanent basis  
to establish a company     
3    to prove correct or free from doubt; validate  
to establish a fact     
4    to cause (a principle, theory, etc.) to be widely or permanently accepted  
to establish a precedent     
5    to give (a Church) the status of a national institution  
6    (of a person) to become recognized and accepted  
he established himself as a reliable GP     
7    (in works of imagination) to cause (a character, place, etc.) to be credible and recognized  
the first scene established the period     
8      (Cards)   to make winners of (the remaining cards of a suit) by forcing out opponents' top cards  
9    also intr   to cause (a plant) to grow or (of a plant) to grow in a new place  
the birch scrub has established over the past 25 years     
     (C14: from Old French establir, from Latin stabilire to make firm, from stabilis stable2)  
  establisher      n  
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be consumed by an emotion; experience an intense feeling
be beside oneself with joy/ grief/ anger etc.
do something which puts you in a very difficult situation and limits the way that you can act
utter a soliloquy ; talk to oneself
have a great time; enjoy oneself
to be unable to think for oneself
used in a condescending way
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