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1    modifier   relating to, concerned with, or used in sports  
sports equipment     
2      (Also called)    sports day     (Brit)   a meeting held at a school or college for competitions in various athletic events  

field sports  
      pl n   sports carried on in the open countryside, such as hunting, shooting, or fishing  
sports car  
      n   a production car designed for speed, high acceleration, and manoeuvrability, having a low body and usually adequate seating for only two persons  
sports coat  
      n     (U.S, Austral., and N.Z.)      another name for       sports jacket  
sports jacket  
      n   a man's informal jacket, made esp. of tweed: worn with trousers of different material,   (Also called (U.S., Austral., and N.Z.))    sports coat  
sports medicine  
      n   the branch of medicine concerned with injuries sustained through sport  
sports shirt  
      n   a man's informal shirt, sometimes of knitted wool or cotton, which may be worn outside the trousers  
water sports  
      pl n  
1    various sports, such as swimming, water-skiing, or windsurfing, that take place in or on water  
2    Slang   sexual practices that involve urination  
winter sports  
      pl n   sports held in the open air on snow or ice, esp. skiing  
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to be likely to do something
banks set to miss lending targets
something is easy to do
polite expression offering to do something for someone
if you can't be arsed to do something, you can't be bothered to do it (you are too lazy to do it)
colloquial, British, very common
he is trying to perusal-de someone to do what he doesn't want to do. Il fait pression sur moi.
to do two things at the same time using the effort needed to do only one
to quit someone from doing what they wish to do
I was constrained to tell a lie because there was no way to hide it.
You say 'top that!' when you have achieved something and you want to challenge other people to do better
I know four celebrities - top that!
something that limits your freedom to do what you want
[US] constraints on spending have forced the company to rethink its plans.
ability to make decisions and take action without waiting for someone to tell you what to do
I showed my initiative when I became a group leader in class.
something that limits your freedom to do what you want
I wish I could live without constrains because I want to have more time to do what I want.
to do something too soon, especially without thinking carefully about it
Originally used in sports contests that are started by firing a gun
activity involving dumping a bucket of ice water on your head and challenge other three friends to do so in order to promote awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and encourage donations to research.
also called "ice water challenge", viral campaign on social media during July–August 2014
to rattle someone's cage means to do something that is likely to annoy them or unsettle them
drinking out of a can or a bottle without touching it with the lips, by pouring the content from distance
leave without paying (in a restaurant for example)
[Slang] aka: dine and dash
expression used when referring to something that is unlikely to happen soon (not in the time interval that one can resist holding his breath)
E.g.: "Will the economy recover any soon?" - "Don't hold your breath."
abbr. acron.
I don't give a fuck
do or say something exactly right
My bestie put the nail on the head when she figured out why I was worried / Identifying the specific cause of the failure, the technician put the nail on the head
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