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1    a narrow channel dug in the earth, usually used for drainage, irrigation, or as a boundary marker  
2    any small, natural waterway  
3      (Irish)   a bank made of earth excavated from and placed alongside a drain or stream  
4    Informal   either of the gutters at the side of a tenpin bowling lane  
5    last ditch   a last resort or place of last defence.  
6    to make a ditch or ditches in (a piece of ground)  
7    intr   to edge with a ditch  
8    Slang   to crash or be crashed, esp. deliberately, as to avoid more unpleasant circumstances  
he had to ditch the car     
9    tr  
Slang   to abandon or discard  
to ditch a girlfriend     
10    Slang   to land (an aircraft) on water in an emergency  
11    tr     (U.S.)  
slang   to evade  
to ditch the police     
     (Old English dic; related to Old Saxon dik, Old Norse diki, Middle High German tich dyke, pond, Latin figere to stick, see dyke1)  
  ditcher      n  
  ditchless      adj  

      n   modifier   made or done as a last desperate attempt or effort in the face of opposition  
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update sb.
Did you hear what happened? - No, fill me in, please.
to take OR bring somebody down a notch means to make them behave less arrogantly or proudly.
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