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      vb   , casts, casting, cast   mainly tr  
1    to throw or expel with violence or force  
2    to throw off or away  
she cast her clothes to the ground     
3    to reject or dismiss  
he cast the idea from his mind     
4    to shed or drop  
the snake cast its skin, the horse cast a shoe, the ship cast anchor     
5    be cast     (N.Z.)   (of a sheep) to have fallen and been unable to rise  
6    to cause to appear  
to cast a shadow     
7    to express (doubts, suspicions, etc.) or cause (them) to be felt  
8    to direct (a glance, attention, etc.)  
cast your eye over this     
9    to place, esp. in a violent manner  
he was cast into prison     
10    also intr     (Angling)   to throw (a line) into the water  
11    to draw or choose (lots)  
12    to give or deposit (a vote)  
13    to select (actors) to play parts in (a play, film, etc.)  
a    to shape (molten metal, glass, etc.) by pouring or pressing it into a mould  
b    to make (an object) by such a process  
15    also intr; often foll by: up   to compute (figures or a total)  
16    to predict  
the old woman cast my fortune     
17      (Astrology)   to draw on (a horoscope) details concerning the positions of the planets in the signs of the zodiac at a particular time for interpretation in terms of human characteristics, behaviour,  
18    to contrive (esp. in the phrase cast a spell)  
19    to formulate  
he cast his work in the form of a chart     
20    also intr   to twist or cause to twist  
21    also intr     (Nautical)   to turn the head of (a sailing vessel) or (of a sailing vessel) to be turned away from the wind in getting under way  
22      (Hunting)   to direct (a pack of hounds) over (ground) where their quarry may recently have passed  
23    intr   (of birds of prey) to eject from the crop and bill a pellet consisting of the indigestible parts of birds or animals previously eaten  
24      (Falconry)   to hold the body of a hawk between the hands so as to perform some operation upon it  
25      (Printing)   to stereotype or electrotype  
26    cast or throw in one's lot with   to share in the activities or fortunes of (someone else)  
27    the act of casting or throwing  
a      (Also called)    casting   something that is shed, dropped, or egested, such as the coil of earth left by an earthworm  
b       another name for       pellet       4  
29    an object that is thrown  
30    the distance an object is or may be thrown  
a    a throw at dice  
b    the resulting number shown  
32      (Angling)  
a    a trace with a fly or flies attached  
b    the act or an instance of casting  
33    the wide sweep made by a sheepdog to get behind a flock of sheep or by a hunting dog in search of a scent  
a    the actors in a play collectively  
b    (as modifier)  
a cast list     
a    an object made of metal, glass, etc., that has been shaped in a molten state by being poured or pressed into a mould  
b    the mould used to shape such an object  
36    form or appearance  
37    sort, kind, or style  
38    a fixed twist or defect, esp. in the eye  
39    a distortion of shape  
40      (Surgery)   a rigid encircling casing, often made of plaster of Paris, for immobilizing broken bones while they heal  
41      (Pathol)   a mass of fatty, waxy, cellular, or other material formed in a diseased body cavity, passage, etc.  
42    the act of casting a pack of hounds  
43      (Falconry)   a pair of falcons working in combination to pursue the same quarry  
44      (Archery)   the speed imparted to an arrow by a particular bow  
45    a slight tinge or trace, as of colour  
46    a computation or calculation  
47    a forecast or conjecture  
48    fortune or a stroke of fate  
49      (Palaeontol)   a mineral representation of an organic object, esp. a lump of mineral that indicates the shape and internal structure of a shell,   (See also)        cast about       castaway       cast back       cast down       cast-off       cast on       cast out       cast up  
     (C13: from Old Norse kasta)  

cast about   , around  
      vb   intr, adv   to make a mental or visual search  
to cast about for an idea for a book     
cast back  
      vb   adv   to turn (the mind) to the past  
cast down  
      vb   tr, adv   to make (a person) discouraged or dejected  
cast iron  
1    iron containing so much carbon (1.7 to 4.5 per cent) that it cannot be wrought and must be cast into shape  
2    made of cast iron  
3    rigid, strong, or unyielding  
a cast-iron decision     
1    prenominal   thrown away; abandoned  
cast-off shoes     
2    a person or thing that has been discarded or abandoned  
3      (Printing)   an estimate of the amount of space that a piece of copy will occupy when printed in a particular size and style of type  
  cast off   adv  
4    to remove (mooring lines) that hold (a vessel) to a dock  
5    to knot (a row of stitches, esp. the final row) in finishing off knitted or woven material  
6      (Printing)   to estimate the amount of space that will be taken up by (a book, piece of copy, etc.) when it is printed in a particular size and style of type  
7    intr   (in Scottish country dancing) to perform a progressive movement during which each partner of a couple dances separately behind one line of the set and then reunites with the other in their original position in the set or in a new position  
cast on  
      vb   adv   to form (the first row of stitches) in knitting and weaving  
cast out  
      vb   intr, adv     (Scot)   to quarrel; be no longer friends  
cast steel  
      n   steel containing varying amounts of carbon, manganese, phosphorus, silicon, and sulphur that is cast into shape rather than wrought  
cast stone  
      n     (Building trades)   a building component, such as a block or lintel, made from cast concrete with a facing that resembles natural stone  
cast up  
      vb   tr, adv  
1    (of the sea) to cast ashore  
2    to compute (figures or a total)  
3    to bring up as a reproach against a person  
      vb   , -casts, -casting, -cast   tr   to shape or form (a metal or plastic object) by introducing molten metal or plastic into a reusable mould, esp. under pressure, by gravity, or by centrifugal force  
  die-casting      n  
endocranial cast  
      n   a cast made of the inside of a cranial cavity to show the size and shape of the brain: used esp. in anthropology,   (Sometimes shortened to)    endocast  
plaster cast  
1      (Surgery)   a cast made of plaster of Paris  
   See       cast       40  
2    a copy or mould of a sculpture or other object cast in plaster of Paris  
      vb   , -casts, -casting, -cast   tr   to produce (a casting) by pouring molten metal into a mould of sand  
  sand-casting      n  
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