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1    a clasp for fastening together two loose ends, esp. of a belt or strap, usually consisting of a frame with an attached movable prong  
2    an ornamental representation of a buckle, as on a shoe  
3    a kink, bulge, or other distortion  
a buckle in a railway track     
4    to fasten or be fastened with a buckle  
5    to bend or cause to bend out of shape, esp. as a result of pressure or heat  
     (C14: from Old French bocle, from Latin buccula a little cheek, hence, cheek strap of a helmet, from bucca cheek)  

buckle down  
      vb   intr, adv  
Informal   to apply oneself with determination  
to buckle down to a job     
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1    catch, clasp, clip, fastener, hasp  
2    bulge, contortion, distortion, kink, warp  
3    catch, clasp, close, fasten, hook, secure  
4    bend, bulge, cave in, collapse, contort, crumple, distort, fold, twist, warp  

buckle down     
apply oneself, exert oneself, launch into, pitch in, put one's shoulder to the wheel, set to  

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