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1    of, being, or situated at an end, terminus, or boundary  
a terminal station, terminal buds     
2    of, relating to, or occurring after or in a term  
terminal leave     
3    (of a disease) terminating in death  
terminal cancer     
4    Informal   extreme  
terminal boredom     
5    of or relating to the storage or delivery of freight at a warehouse  
a terminal service     
6    a terminating point, part, or place  
a    a point at which current enters or leaves an electrical device, such as a battery or a circuit  
b    a conductor by which current enters or leaves at such a point  
8      (Computing)   a device having input/output links with a computer but situated at a distance from the computer  
9      (Architect)  
a    an ornamental carving at the end of a structure  
b       another name for       term       10  
a    a point or station usually at the end of the line of a railway, serving as an important access point for passengers or freight  
b       a less common name for       terminus  
11    a purpose-built reception and departure structure at the terminus of a bus, sea, or air transport route  
12    a site where raw material is unloaded, stored, in some cases reprocessed, and reloaded for further transportation, esp. an onshore installation designed to receive offshore oil or gas from tankers or a pipeline  
13      (Physiol)  
a    the smallest arteriole before its division into capillaries  
b    either of two veins that collect blood from the thalamus and surrounding structures and empty it into the internal cerebral vein  
c    the portion of a bronchiole just before it subdivides into the air sacs of the lungs  
     (C15: from Latin terminalis, from terminus end)  
  terminally      adv  

air terminal  
      n     (Brit)   a building in a city from which air passengers are taken by road or rail to an airport  
intelligent terminal  
      n   a computer operating terminal that can carry out some data processing, as well as sending data to and receiving it from a central processor  
point-of-sale terminal  
      n   (in retail distribution) a device used to record and process information relating to sales,   (Abbrev.)    POST  
terminal market  
      n   a commodity market in a trading centre rather than at a producing centre  
terminal platform  
      n   (in the oil industry) an offshore platform from which oil or gas is pumped ashore through a pipeline  
terminal velocity  
1    the constant maximum velocity reached by a body falling under gravity through a fluid, esp. the atmosphere  
2    the velocity of a missile or projectile when it reaches its target  
3    the maximum velocity attained by a rocket, missile, or shell flying in a parabolic flight path  
4    the maximum velocity that an aircraft can attain, as determined by its total drag  
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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
to be unable to think for oneself
used in a condescending way
to be left in a state of confusion or uncertainty
[child] to be sent to a care organization run by the social services, or to be looked after by foster parents
to be likely to do something
banks set to miss lending targets
to be lost
he went missing my dog went missing for three days
to be staggering
Das ist ein Hammer!
be in a good shape
able to be seen
[US] Ex.: the car in front of us was visible because we had the lights on
To surmount, to be victorious
to be gutsy means to have guts
to be gutsy: avoir du cran
not able to be mixed or combined
abbr. acron.
Short for "to be honest".
not to be able to act like a man, be a pussy
a person paid by the state to work in the interests of the nation who considers it to be a ‘right’ to be able abuse his or her authority to ensure personal gain for himself or herself at the expense of the nation…
neologism ... created on some blog
A culture of internet only jobs has coined the phrase Wirk. Wirk simply means Internet Work. Internet work is defined by job opportunities that did not exist before the rise of the internet and furthermore the work is likely to be carried out over the internet and payment received for work undertaken via the internet. Wirk describes both full time and part time internet work. Because of the nature of Wirk and the ability for anyone that has internet connection to earn money from Wirk, it is currently more likely to be a part time occupation than full time. Paid Online Questionnaires, Content Writing, Search Marketing are all examples of Wirk.
This is a term rising in popularity
"to be up for it" means to be willing to participate
she's really up for it: elle est partante
A thing which ought to be perfectly vertical but which through fault is slanting is said to be off plumb.
when sth sounds too good to be true and not as good as it seems to be and you suspect that there is a hidden problem
Term used to describe who one wants their group to be or what they want their group to accomplish.
[Slang] This has been made popular by Taylor Swift and her fleet of Twitter followers. "Oh my gosh, they are seriously squad goals!"
a humorous way of recommending someone not to pursue something at which they are unlikely to be good or successful and thus, to rather stick to what they can do best, namely, their job
Ex.: Although she had poured her whole heart and soul into her singing at the karaoke, her somewhat cruel but nonetheless lucid friends told her: 'don't give up the day job!'
In computer science, the File Allocation Table (FAT) is a file system popularized by Microsoft in the 1980's in their earliest computers. The FAT file system has continued to be developed and now comes in multiple varieties such as FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and ExFAT.
[Tech.];[Comp.] Look at that floppy disk, see if it is formatted with the FAT file system.
Someone (usually a young man) who tries unsuccessfully to be funny by making lame jokes and doing stupid things
US English, colloquial
Something that as soon as it is done becomes decided upon to repeat the next year and years to come. Does not necessarily have to had been done previous years to be defined an instant tradition.
(about persons) not to be trusted; dangerous
relative to people who are attached but don't want to be too intimate with someone on whom they are dependent
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