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1    a part of an organism consisting of a large number of cells having a similar structure and function  
connective tissue, nerve tissue     
2    a thin piece of soft absorbent paper, usually of two or more layers, used as a disposable handkerchief, towel, etc.  
3       See       tissue paper  
4    an interwoven series  
a tissue of lies     
5    a woven cloth, esp. of a light gauzy nature, originally interwoven with threads of gold or silver  
      vb   tr  
6    Rare   to weave into tissue  
7    to decorate or clothe with tissue or tissue paper  
     (C14: from Old French tissu woven cloth, from tistre to weave, from Latin texere)  

carbon tissue  
      n   a sheet of paper coated with pigmented gelatine, used in the carbon process,   (Also called)    carbon paper  
conducting tissue  
      n     (Botany)      another name for       vascular tissue  
connective tissue  
      n   an animal tissue developed from the embryonic mesoderm that consists of collagen or elastic fibres, fibroblasts, fatty cells, etc., within a jelly-like matrix. It supports organs, fills the spaces between them, and forms tendons and ligaments  
granulation tissue  
      n   a mass of new connective tissue and capillaries formed on the surface of a healing ulcer or wound, usually leaving a scar,   (Nontechnical name)    proud flesh  
lymphatic tissue  
      n   tissue, such as the lymph nodes, tonsils, spleen, and thymus, that produces lymphocytes,   (Also called)    lymphoid tissue  
lymphoid tissue  
      n      another name for       lymphatic tissue  
soft tissue  
      n   the soft parts of the human body as distinct from bone and cartilage  
tissue culture  
1    the growth of small pieces of animal or plant tissue in a sterile controlled medium  
2    the tissue produced as a result of this process  
tissue paper  
      n   very thin soft delicate paper used to wrap breakable goods, as decoration, etc.  
tissue type  
      n   the inherited chemical characteristics of the bodily tissue of an individual that are recognized and, when grafted, are accepted or rejected by the immune system of another individual. The tissue type is determined by the histocompatibility antigens  
vascular tissue  
      n   tissue of higher plants consisting mainly of xylem and phloem and occurring as a continuous system throughout the plant: it conducts water, mineral salts, and synthesized food substances and provides mechanical support,   (Also called)    conducting tissue  
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tending to repair (also reparatory)
plastic surgery consisting in removing the fat tissue from the abdominal area
popular term
make or repair an object in an improvised and inventive way making use of whatever items are at hand
chiefly[US];[Fam.] Ex.: You have no idea how many things I've MacGyvered using just duct tape or a simple paper clip.
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