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1    the sense of touch  
a    the ability to experience physical sensations, such as heat, pain, etc.  
b    the sensation so experienced  
3    a state of mind  
4    a physical or mental impression  
a feeling of warmth     
5    fondness; sympathy  
to have a great deal of feeling for someone     
6    an ability to feel deeply  
a person of feeling     
7    a sentiment  
a feeling that the project is feasible     
8    an impression or mood; atmosphere  
the feeling of a foreign city     
9    an emotional disturbance, esp. anger or dislike  
a lot of bad feeling about the increase in taxes     
10    intuitive appreciation and understanding  
a feeling for words     
11    sensibility in the performance of something  
12    pl   emotional or moral sensitivity, as in relation to principles or personal dignity (esp in the phrase hurt or injure the feelings of)  
13    sentient; sensitive  
14    expressing or containing emotion  
15    warm-hearted; sympathetic  
  feelingly      adv  

fellow feeling  
1    mutual sympathy or friendship  
2    an opinion held in common  
hard feeling  
      n   often pl; often used with a negative   resentment; ill will  
no hard feelings?     
ill feeling  
      n   hostile feeling; animosity  
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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
mutual sexual gratification
Collins defines it a compound . Mine is a lovers phrase.
means "that's just the way it is"
c'est comme ça, point barre
a feeling of happiness, satisfaction, well-being
E.g: Nothing compares to the warm fuzzies you get when seeing again your old friends.
the decision is yours
It is healthy to laugh
expression referring to the belief that those who hold the power are entitled to anything
home is the best place to be no matter where it is
something is easy to do
charver is another word for chav
If you lived in Newcastle you would know it. Common in NE England
he is a very good seller
Used to express that it is impossible to decide between two options because they're equal
English expression
get rid of a strong feeling towards something or someone
[Informal] If you have done something wrong, tell him and get it out of your system. After the break up, it took him some while to get her out of his system.
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